The Spirit of Sound: Singing, Healing & Community – May 26, 7.30pm. Grace Cathedral, SF.

Coming together ~ a time for renewal and connection. There are many ways to be a peaceful presence on this Earth; a social activist, a personal healer, an environmentalist, an artist… a parent to life. We might be involved in politics, we might write, campaign, converse, communicate. There is something else we can do that heals the inner framework that both influences, and is influenced by, our rich, interactive, world: we can deepen into our consciousness, through shared sound. As a sound healer, I know the value that sharing through sound brings, and I get to witness the unity that develops on all platforms, through the sacred act of singing in communion. This brief, yet valuable, visit into the realms of sound and healing, invites us to experience this together. Come rest in the harmony of community. It is time to gather, it is time to sing. Come join us, in the Spirit of Sound! ADVANCE TIX ON EVENTBRITE

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Healing through Creativity – women’s retreat… the discovery

Are you interested in deepening your relationship to your creativity, even using it for healing?

spirit renewalI was privileged to co-create an amazing, intimate four day retreat as part of a team of four strong, sensitive women: Beth, Becky and Trish. Based at Four Springs retreat in Middletown we spent days singing, healing, crafting, doing soul collage, eating wonderful ‘clean’ food, having individual healings and massages! Here are some pictures. Join us next year. If interested, please contact Becky Shafi:

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