Accessing Creativity

Clare Hedin – Artist, Musician, Collaborator, Improvisor – is an expert on creativity and transformative approaches to innovating new ideas. The insights below address the question ‘How do we access our creativity on demand?‘ given to Clare at an advertising industry talk hosted by IPA, 24 March. This is her response. (Email: or BOOK A FREE HALF HOUR CONSULT NOW. Clare can witness your process and help you evolve it in real-time.

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Arts for changing reality in liminal space

On July 3, 2020, I gave this talk in COMING DOWN TO EARTH conflict transformation summit using this slideshow. It was an experiential workshop – we used poetry, spoken word, video, and live music. We spent the time exploring our own relationships to conflict – both personal and global, looking at what new possibilities can emerge in liminal space.

I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to contact me with any questions or interest in booking me for an event, gathering, or conference.

Presentation Session (starts @ 5:07)


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Sound Dowsing your 2020 vision

Sound Dowsing your 2020 vision – maximize your potential & happiness.’
(A presentation for virtual West Coast Dowsers Conference 2020)

There is an energy in us waiting to express itself. Whilst it is unseen, it is tellingly impactful and so alive in each of us! Our relationship to this energy influences what we are experiencing, who we are becoming, and what we are creating – it is creative. Forming a conscious relationship with it gives us access to our inspiration, our creativity, our vitality & our deepest joy. Make 2020 count by falling in love with your vitality using your own sounds to dowse for your truth and deepen your divine connection to self.

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Waiting for the silence, wading into presence.

“Who do we become in the silence? Where does silence happen? Who else is ‘in there’?
What is silence to sound… and why does that matter?” (aka Musings of a musician)


Sound and Song

These days I recognize it as home, the silence. Does that sound like an unexpected thing to hear from a musician? For many years, singing and songwriting have been my heart-vehicles for facilitating some kind of personal journey into connection and healing.

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