All my gratitude. Thank you for the wondrous divination… Julie

Clarity! Thank you, dear, thank you! You’re a blessing… Kelley

Thank you for your kind guidance and wise counsel…   Jon

Thank you for the reading and wisdom shared… Faye

In the Dagara tradition, which hails from Burkina Faso and Ghana, we use a ‘kit’ to contact the spirit of Earth, Mineral, Water and Nature. We call on the Ancestors and the Elements using earthly rituals to honour and connect with the benevolent spirits of life, who are on hand to help us. A divination is a way to connect with yourself and the elements of Earth and Life – it can be emotional and humorous, surprising and kind. I love it and I love offering it. Having a divination can help guide our choices in ways that deepen our connection – it’s a journey and a beautiful companion guide.

The direction you pointed me toward was to create 3 rituals for different purposes, and a couple had immediate confirmational  “feedback” through  beings and elements around me. Healing was sparked by my attention and intention, and there is more ease and sense of relief and support in some particular ancestral relationships. I’m grateful for your warm and precise, intuitive accompaniment in this way, Clare. I’m actually going to return to one of the rituals with a new twist for this go-around, and pick up where I left off. It was so enjoyable creating them and hanging out to sense willing collaborators “standing by”, and then continuing to sense around me for a period with a couple themes to focus on. Thanks for engendering some meaningful, creative, healing fun!  It was just the right prescription. 🙂  I recommend this co-creative approach to folks open to, or looking for a new perspective…. Michele

Clare, this divination was magical an incredibly helpful. I’m honoured to be connected to you. I’m all packed up and I’ll be heading to the mountain early in the morning!… Julie

Thanks again for the beautiful offering.  I forgot to mention that I found your singing really beautiful and it help me drop into the space of the divination… Julie 

Hi Clare!! Thank you SO much for the divination. I meant to write to you sooner to say a huge THANK YOU. I loved the divination and the spirit of it, and what came through… Lemor

I wanted to say a big thank you for the divination on Monday, I really enjoyed meeting you and the messages I received were very nourishing to me. I loved the references to play, to fizziness, and magic. With love…  Helen

Last month, Clare and guides suggested that the ancestors “wanted to see (me) dance,” in a literal sense.  I work in dietary at an assisted living wing of a  senior living center.  One of the residents just moved in and has been feeling lonely.  This evening, while going around seeing if anyone “would like anything else,” this woman, out of nowhere yells “to see you dance!”  I remembered the session with Clare and thought “oh, heck, why not,” so I started wiggling my buttuti and said:  “Now it’s your turn.”  She attempted to get out of her wheelchair to “wiggle her thang,” and after difficulty wiggled herself in the wheelchair with such utmost joy.  Folks in the entire dining hall burst out laughing.  Later, she shed a quiet tear as she stated “I LOVE to make people laugh, thank you for the dance.”  Thank you, for the dance, Clare and Guides. Highly recommend!!!!!… Kelley