Reiki, Sound & Energy Healing

“Music heals us and sets us free… it is so intrinsic to the nature of all life, it knows every atom within us”

Clare’s work is unique and miraculous. It specializes in chronic and acute physical issues and areas of pain, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual trauma, healing and release. Her work helps people connect to the depth and beauty of life and their own souls and their fecund relationship to their own creativity and to the heartbeat of Nature. She performs and heals at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco,  and privately in CA, Europe, and online. She loves to create bespoke healing experiences with clients and groups. See 3 case studies and testimonials below, and EEG research done on her whilst healing.

What happens in a session?

In-person, you relax on a massage table, fully clothed and comfortable. Clare will combine Reiki energy work with singing various tones, often accompanied by her shruti box (picture below) and gentle percussive sounds. There is also the component of silence that allows the energy to do its healing work. You do not need to believe in anything in order to benefit from the wisdom of your body knowing what to take in from the session. 

Online, you relax on a sofa, rug, bed, or yoga mat at your location, and you receive the reiki healing energy via the sounds and silence. It is as powerfully effective as the in-person work.

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becoming healed

Humans are phenomenal beings. We are vibrant fields of energy and consciousness interacting! This means that we experience ourselves on certain levels subject to the laws of physics and psychology. We feel reality; physically, emotionally, mentally. This experience of feeling our reality varies on a scale of pleasant to sometimes very unpleasant – even very painful. We are not in fixed states of being so, when we are in a state of dis-ease or discomfort, we can heal that (and usually want to as quickly as possible). Healing ourselves deepens self-awareness. Energy and Sound help us. Our healing is how we connect with the version of ourselves that is beyond any sense of limitation. 

Kat's Story

I met Kat July 2021 when we were filming a documentary about my sound healing work. Whilst she was sailing up the Sacramento Delta she fell onboard and broke her little finger (pinkie). The whole hand was enormously swollen with blue & purple bruising all over it. As I did the healing I watched her swelling go down before my eyes and her hand color return to its normal healthy pink – it was amazing. Here’s what she had to say after her energy healing which we did outdoors, at a restaurant, for about 15 minutes after lunch

I broke my pinkie whilst doing film production on a boat. The whole of my hand was swollen and black & blue. I couldn’t use my hand at all it was so painful. I was operating with one hand at sea, which was both challenging and dangerous. Now, I can actually bend my hand and fingers, which I couldn’t do before the healing. It’s amazing. This works, it works! Thank you so much, I’m really grateful! Kat, Film Production, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2021.

Meet Captain Dave

Dave is a sea captain – he lives on a boat, in Oakland. His spine was severely damaged in a car accident almost 35 years ago – he is now in his 60’s. He lived with chronic, daily – and nightly – pain. He opted not to have surgery at the time of the accident as it was too risky.  After the sound healing session he changed his mind and decided to go ahead with the surgery. Hear his own reasons why: 

I’ve been in pain every single day for 35 years and Clare and her sound alchemy gave me relief that I literally didn’t know I could have. And, beyond that, living a pain-free life for over a week, made me realize what I’d been missing. I suddenly had the confidence and passion to have the surgery I’d been avoiding. I’d gotten so used to living with the pain it was my ‘normal’ baseline. Her work has literally changed my life, my body, my awareness, and prompted me to make new choices that I’d assumed I didn’t have. That’s freedom. I’m so grateful. She’s an angel.   Captain Dave, Oakland, CA, USA, 2021.

- Jenna -

Jenna was having chronic joint pain, fatigue, and digestion issues.

She was struggling with an inability to go to work, due to chronic illness, whilst simultaneously co-parenting her young child. Whilst combining allopathic treatment with additional healing modalities, she had muscle-tested 8/10 for coming to Sound Healing sessions and wanted someone who knew what she was doing, who would provide sound healing rather than just a pleasant sound journey. So she came to see Clare.

Because of my work with Clare, and her skillful approach, I was able to transition some of this chronic pain. I am on a journey and know that it is a process that will take time. I thank Clare for her acute abilities as a healer, to be able to ‘tune in’ to my body’s needs. I am grateful for the relief I got from a chronic pain that literally has made it impossible for me to currently live my life, in its normal way. This is a deeply important transition period for me, and I am grateful to Clare for supporting me through this stage in such a professional and healing manner. She knows what she is doing, and operates from a place of of both deep trust and practical skill.   Jenna, Oakland, CA, USA, 2019.

What did Jenna experience in her Sound Healing session?

The first time, I felt a ‘cooling’ experience inside my body, which was a great relief to my joint inflammation. My whole body felt expansive during the session.

On another visit, I opted for pure voice and shruti sound healing, to focus on cooling my joints. The thing that stood out was the way Clare’s voice could travel inside my body, even entering my cells through the vibration of the sounds, and creating various unexpected reactions in my spleen, the area where my digestive issues were troubling me. I also felt energy travel down my arms and out of my fingers which was a relief.

My 2nd Chakra started to activate and the energy there moved, which made me think of the information I had received prior, regarding healing my female lineage through my own healing journey.

When I left I felt less fatigued, more spacious and a relief from pain. My joints were happier. In addition, I left with some tips for ways I could practice using sound to help myself in times of need, and good advice for ways to use Nature’s gifts in my spiritual practice.

Who is Clare?

Clare has an extensive background in;

  • Light Body (Orin & Daben Graduate Training)
  • Emotional Body Balancing
  • Reiki I, II & III (energy work)
  • Using Sound for Healing and for educational lecturing & performance internationally

Clare’s background as a musician and multi-disciplinary artist, along with her personal, and formal, research (MA, Consciousness Studies) and training, laid the groundwork for her private services as a sound healer and intuitive healer, a guide, and a sensitive. It also helped her forge the new path as a resident sound healer at Oakland Children’s Hospital for almost five years, working distinctly alongside their staff sound therapist. She works with the energies of a room, of the people and of intimacy. She co-founded the Sound Healing program – designing and teaching its core classes – at the Sound Healing Institute, SF. She has worked on innovative collaborative healing projects (Heart First, cancer art therapy) and was also chosen to be one of the healers included in The Sacred Sciences’ Energy Healing Movie Project.

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