Accessing Creativity

What are the steps to make a creative brainstorm work? Or, put another way,
what’s the trick to having a group creative orgasm on a deadline?

Let’s talk about sex. This title question is a bit like asking a shy introvert to describe how to have an effective, guaranteed, orgasm in a short time frame, with people watching… it’s a little tricky to expect a formulaic answer. There are various things we can say about conditions but ultimately it is about a state of mind and body that we are in that actually allows that magical moment to come forward, through an ongoing invitation of the senses, the ambiance, the mood, and the frame of mind, as well as the external sounds, temperature, time-frame, comfortability, focus and, of course, who we are with.

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Why grief exists

Why grief exists – some random thoughts and reflections from a conversation.

  • When we are grieving, we are processing loss, along with meaning, values, philosophy, and impact.
  • We restore our joy through experiencing our grief.

If we cannot meet our grief with our full attention, our attention everywhere else can be compromised and distracted… we become partially present. Grief is an oft-resisted invitation to feel fully the honor, the joy, and the loss of a relationship that has changed, and that has changed us, both in its presence and its passing.

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Minus the scream


‘Could you do that set – it’s wonderful… minus the scream?’

intensity is scary, we need pretty

‘I’m very busy… why have you called me?’

I’m uncomfortable, I need to leave now

‘No, you are not a member’

yes we have rules, but they restrict me too

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Even the flowers

There is a beauty that I find in myself

when I am sometimes hurting

… as my attention seeks solace

… as my joy seeks companionship.

I stare at atoms… and see light

I imagine horrors…

and feel the grief of connection

I am reminded that connection is beauty

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