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‘Connecting To Divine Healing Energy Using Your Voice’  thesacredscience

‘Using Vowel Sounds To Tune Into Your Body And Treat Common Conditions’  thesacredscience

From the Sacred Science team:

Time to Unleash Your Innate Superpower

I’m very excited to share a new program called The Sacred Science of Energy Healing. I helped to create it with the team at The Sacred Science, who were a lot of fun to work with. Actually, I just showed up, and they did the rest! More importantly, they are kindred spirits, in helping to make all types of healing knowledge and wisdom accessible in a simple and practical way.

If you’re curious, Click HERE to learn about all the healers involved and the modalities that are covered – you can also buy from this link. PLUS, this page allows you to watch three free videos to get a sense of some of the content and dedicated healers you’d be able to watch. WATCH VIDEOS (and then buy!).

We’ve all heard the phrase “knowledge is power”. Well, this is infinitely true when it comes to knowing your own internal navigation system and how to manually override any negative patterning – mental, physical, or spiritual – that is limiting you in this very moment.

What others are saying:

‘I signed up for the Sacred Science of Energy Medicine offering and have just watched one of your videos. The music was so beautiful and touched me very deeply and I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve completed a Supreme Sound online course with Simrit Kaur and found your music to be even more moving than hers (if that’s even possible). I have a lot on my plate at the moment but would definitely love to complete one of your online courses in the near future. What a gem you are and how blessed I am to have found your offerings at this point on my journey. Thanks again.’
Kim O’Donnell

Nobody knows YOU better than you.

When it comes to pain, stress, fear, anxiety, limiting beliefs, trauma, healing relationships, or anything that doesn’t require urgent care, we are our own best doctors – period.

This is the essence of the program. I recently got a preview of the full version, and not only did I feel great about the lessons I shared, but I learned something new from the 17 other healers who were involved. It features 17+ hours of material including introductory exercises, meditations and fireside chat talks from multiple healing modes and traditions, some of which are thousands of years old, and others which are relatively new. All of them are simple, yet powerful techniques – that’s why even the masters come back to them on a regular basis.

The best part? You can experience and learn these right out of the box, from any place, any time. Oh and most of these are kid-friendly too.

And finally, if it helps, since I was part of the program, The Sacred Science team has generously offered a 50% discount to anyone from my community!

So, what are you waiting for? Your energy will respond accordingly once you put your intention out there and act on it =)

Click HERE to learn more and purchase the full program.

To Your Health,

Clare and the Sacred Science team.

p.s. if you’re curious about the lessons offered, here are their names below…


NAMES OF ALL LESSONS FEATURED IN THE PROGRAM (feel free to include any or all of these in your email):

-Feeling Safe Within Ourselves – A Guided Meditation
-Releasing Emotional Triggers And Moving Forward – A Guided Meditation
-Connecting To Divine Healing Energy Using Your Voice
-Using Vowel Sounds To Tune Into Your Body And Treat Common Conditions
-The Golden Waterfall: Light Expanding Breath – A Guided Meditation & Clearing Exercise
-An Ancient Egyptian Tool For Reawakening The Wisdom of Our Cells
-Ren: How To Harness The Power of a Name
-Letting Go & Clearing Physical & Mental Clutter – A Guided Meditation
-A Personal Hypnotherapy Session For Transformation
-An Ancient Koan Meditation
-Reconnecting To The Wisdom Of Our Ancestors – A Guided Meditation
-A Burning Ritual For Letting Go & Removing Blocks
-How To End A Relationship The Right Way – Sacred Contracts
-Intro to Somatic Expression – Synching Trust & Our Bodies
-Diaphragm 101 & 180 Belly – Breathing Exercise #1
-180 Belly, Ether Breath & Breathy Breath – Breathing Exercise #2
-The Zedd – Breathing & Sound Exercise #3
-Yoga, Breath, Ritual & Spirit
-A Daily Routine to Balance the Chakras
-Acupressure for Physical and Emotional Pain, and Calming the Nerves
-Strengthening and Relaxing the Heart through Smiling – A Guided Meditation
-Channeling Energy with Reiki Tummo
-The Secrets of Natural Walking
-How To Make A Lustral Bowl: Cleansing Your Aura And Living Space
-Womb Wellness
-Reconnecting To Your Natural Cycle & Sacred Relationship With The Moon
-Yoni Steam Bath – Healing and Nourishing The Womb
-A Self-Care Massage To Rebalance Your Womb & Abdomen
-Healing with Acutonics – A Guided Sound Meditation
-Stress Shield Overview & Guided Meditation
-Rewiring Your Brain Through Handwriting
-The Tapas Acupressure Technique – A Shortcut For Clearing Trauma
-A Daily Routine To Get Your Energy Flowing
-Simple Exercises For Releasing Negative Energy
-The Triple Warmer System – Enhanced Immunity & Stress Relief
-Helping Children With Energy Exercises
-An Energy Healing Song And Dance Routine For Kids
-QiGong Warm Up for Muscles & Joints
-Shaking, Full Body Love Tapping and La Qi
-An Introductory QiGong Routine For All Ages
-An Introductory TaiChi Routine For All Ages
-The Art & Science Of A Blessing
-Our Natural Ability to Heal Ourselves and Our Environment
-Energetic Hygiene and Cord Cutting
-Owning Your Journey
-Creative Healing and Intention with Crystal Grids
-Sacred Geometry and the Merkaba – A Guided Meditation
-Tai Chi: Basic Exercises For Foundation & Posture
-Tai Chi: Basic Standing Exercises For Soft Movement And ReleasingTension
-Tai Chi Walking
-Intro to Neiyang Gong & An Exercise to Wake Up the Body
-Meditative QiGong
-A QiGong Massage To Prevent or Treat the Common Cold
-A Reiki Exercise For Grounding & Protection
-An EFT Exercise for Self-Love
-An EFT Exercise for Chronic Pain
-Connecting To Your Higher Self – A Guided Meditation
-Navigating the Universe of Mind, Body and Energy Healing
-The Energy Tourniquet: Movement Medicine and The Physical Body
-An Overview Of QiGong and the Energy Body
-The Blue Waterfall: Clearing Your Energy & Massaging Your Mind