Intuitive Energy Readings

Do you have questions? 

~ know yourself, find your joy, affirm your path ~

Clare has a special skill in deep listening and reading your energy field, its patterns, and their meaning. With her voice/sound background, she is uniquely able to ‘hear’ what you – and your field – are saying and needing to have articulated. From here we see what your overall opportunity is in the situation. She can help you see and shift what is going on for you at a karmic and systemic level, and she has helped many do just that. She doesn’t just do it for you… she does it with you!

What others are saying

You seem to have a natural ability to penetrate the surface of my struggles and make me dive deeper. Your questions inspire me to see things in a different light, whilst your presence and highly-attuned listening skills create a field of safety and acceptance that allows the shadows to not only be seen, but to be loved. You’ve taught me so much and your help is invaluable. Thank-you.  Natalie Fee; Author, TV Presenter, Founder City To Sea, UK

‘Clare has a special capacity to access small doors into a persons subconscious. Her approach with me sometimes is surprising, An extremely good listener, she sometimes pulls an idea out that begins a process of unraveling knots of resistance in me. She has an insight of care and almost what one could identify as a loving mothering energy, that aspect of mother that helps her child to become or be or recognise themselves. and that medicine woman energy to perceive what is lying just under the surface of spoken words….., She’s a really good counsellor. So helpful and very practical as well. Thank you Clare!’  Tonia Hafter, Photographer & Energy Worker, France

‘I talked to Clare regarding relational advice, and she hit the issues right on the nose compassionately and at a soul level, at a place where I was initially reluctant to see! You’re an ANGEL Clare! Yes… Yes… Yes, that’s right…. I’m very grateful for the kind, honest and deep insights that Clare had to offer. My relationship with my partner has now reached a deeper level!’  Kelley Kolberg, Tarot Designer & Bodyworker, Ohio

‘Clare comes by her name honestly. She drew out the wealth and the truth of me at once. It felt that she was seeing deep into my essence, and the significance of my gifts, even before I was able to see their value. She drew them out into the light – which eloquently, kindly and keenly ignited my forward movement.’  Sarah Spector, Professional Artist & Healer, California