Ambient (mood-energy-transformation)

There are two categories of music; ambient and lyric-based. The ambient works in subtle ways on your body, mind, emotions, and energy field. Lyric-songs connect us to our shared stories. Both connect us to our shared belonging and the journey we take as humans becoming fully realized. There is an alchemy in what we feel if we can notice it. There is no real divide – all of life is here to help transform that which no longer serves and to meet that in each of us that yearns to be heard, loved, and held.  Develop your trust-in(g)-self by practising tuning in to what you sense you most deeply want in life.

Singles (ambient)

White Springs

The sound of pure voice in the watery echoes of the candle-lit natural cave, in Glastonbury, UK. Clare went into this Tor water cave on her birthday to sing naked in the baths, hence ‘White Springs Birthday’.

Morning Chant

Beautiful Voice & Shruti journey – let it take you away [from Purple Nature Sound Art Meditation].


Acoustic, epic, etheric, powerful ambient vocals evoke sacred space. Voice, Tibetan bowls & Shruti.

Angels of the Night

Powerful, passionate vocals with shruti, fully alive, hypnotic, calling you out of the shadows!


This is power-driven vocals and beats – soaring, energetic, pulsing song – no lyrics – just high energy!


Albums (ambient)

Grief and Praise

This NEW downloadable album is for you and your loved ones. Experience a live sound healing from me in comfort, at home. There is a bonus track which guides you in how to use simple toning for self-care and to change your state of being. This purchase includes an additional art poem (included in the download) – a rendition of the beautiful art-poem that is shared live on the album.

Elemental Trance

Come and feel your own body and soul enter this deep transcendental shift of consciousness – connecting both earth and spirit in you. Come back to your roots, your spirit, in the elemental dance of the Elemental Trance.

Sinking in…

Sacred Water

The music of Nature; the Voices of Water, Wind, Shingles, Trees, Earth, Stone… and my own. I hope you hear it well, both in your ears and in your heart. A CD of recordings at Sacred Sites & Voice in UK and California…

Come walk with me…


A multi-layered vocal meditation CD to take you within. Let these two tracks lift you up, carry and hold you as you journey into your ecstatic energizing realms and then relax you, as you enter the crystal cave of your own inner sanctum.

Time for you to take a journey…

Africa Returns

A multi-layered vocal meditation with gentle percussion. A journey into the truth of wisdom and hope. There is something being called forth from us, for us. Take a moment to honour your dreaming – yes, all is possible.

This CD is an invitation home.

lyric-based music

Singles (lyrics)


Multi-part folk acapella vocal chant for healing the loss of a loved one.

Albums (lyrics)

Folk Fayre: 1 & 2

Simple songs of Voice and Guitar – a lone woman’s voice traveling through the landscapes of love, betrayal, war, endings, vampires, beautiful shingle beaches, and sons who kill their mother’s boyfriends! A pleasure, this double CD, speaks from raw simplicity.

Glass Treehouses

These songs are related to the intimacy of the journey of life. Simple, sweet sounds, delving into the realms of faeries, homesickness, magical moments of transformation and cosmic coincidence. Voice, guitar, piano & innocence.


Creative, improvised, artistic reflections on the magic of Nature & life’s gifts, voices from the past & of Earth speaking. Even seeing how our own expectations can trip us up! Fun, imaginative, thoughtful, and unexpected…art from the heart.

Clare’s most recent music, recordings, and sound art can be found on SoundCloud. Come listen!