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Why grief exists

Why grief exists – some random thoughts and reflections from a conversation.

  • When we are grieving, we are processing loss, along with meaning, values, philosophy, and impact.
  • We restore our joy through experiencing our grief.

If we cannot meet our grief with our full attention, our attention everywhere else can be compromised and distracted… we become partially present. Grief is an oft-resisted invitation to feel fully the honor, the joy, and the loss of a relationship that has changed, and that has changed us, both in its presence and its passing.
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Minus the scream


‘Could you do that set – it’s wonderful… minus the scream?’

intensity is scary, we need pretty

‘I’m very busy… why have you called me?’

I’m uncomfortable, I need to leave now

‘No, you are not a member’

yes we have rules, but they restrict me too

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