Earth and our healing connections inspire me. When I’m creating, I am exploring and expressing the intimacy of being. What does it mean to be part of a living system… to actually be a living system communicating with all elements of life? I express this inner-outer dialogue by painting, playing music, walking, writing, noticing, photographing. Whether I am creating indoors or contemplating on a walk outdoors, I am exploring the soulful and intimate connection found in deep listening, and have done since I was a child walking in Epping Forest or on the stony beaches of Aldeburgh, Suffolk. My family goes beyond the human, to the deep ecology of life and the spectacular gift of our infinite cosmology. Nature is home – a breathless beauty of becoming. Consciousness and its creative evolution – especially from the human perspective – is a teleological invitation I cherish.  A journey of belonging…

  • Instruments:  Voice, Shruti, Piano, Guitar, Percussion (has played saxophone – alto & soprano).
  • Art modalities: Sound, Music, Painting, Writing, Photography, Spoken Word, A/V Production.
  • Healing modalities: Sound Healing, Reiki I/II/III, Emotional Body Balancing, Light Body.
  • Inspiration: Nature, Energy, Consciousness, Connection, Creativity.
Clare Hedin is a multi-disciplinary artist, with an emphasis on sound, connection, healing, & creativity.  She explores communication as a way to track levels of consciousness and what might be possible next. Singer/songwriter, painter, writer, and sound healer, she researches our evolving consciousness, exploring the nature of being through energy awareness and deep listening. Her focus is on developing our innate creativity as it comes naturally to each of us. All this is underpinned by her impulse to protect Earth and deepen our relationship to Earth’s aliveness and life’s sentience! She performs and speaks at Conferences and Events, taught Creativity & Innovation at SFSU to Management students, and currently teaches in online and in-person, as well as through her original online teaching platform, Dynamic Emergence. She has been interviewed innumerable times on the subject of sound, healing and intimacy with our Gaian selves.

Professional Innovations:

  • Introduced sound healing to the Oakland Children’s Hospital, working with children, families and staff. (2001-2006)
  • Co-founded and co-designed the Sound Healing Institute accredited curriculum and classes  – teaching: Sound, Nature & Consciousness, Interspecies communication, Sounds and Music,  The Nature of Sound and the Sounds of Nature, Voice & Self-Transformation (including dreamwork), Psychoacoustic Music Theory. (2002-2007)
  • Artist in residence @ Francisco Middle School, using music to facilitate learning english, cooperation, and self-awareness. (2022)


Classically trained in piano and voice from a very early age, Clare finds her inspiration through her love of nature and transformational discovery.

  • MA in Consciousness Studies & Creativity (JFKU)
  • Associate Degree in music theory (Laney Community College)
  • BA in Fine Art & Transformative Studies. (AAU, SFSU, CIIS)
  • Studied voice, piano, guitar, and Shruti with mentors Rhiannon, Peter Apfelbaum, Sylvia Nakkach, and with the kind support of various Jazz greats who came through Yoshi’s Jazz Club in Oakland, where she managed Artist Relations for two years.


A natural healer, she co-created the Sound Healing Program at the CA Institute of Psychoacoustics in San Francisco (CIP), and took her original healing music into Oakland Children’s Hospital, CA and Middlesex hospital, UK for a number of years.

Improvisational musician for improv theater ‘Three Worlds’, London.

She is a guest lecturer at Central St. Martin’s MA in Applied Imagination and has lectured to the British Advertising Industry on Creativity through IPA.

Clare was a lecturer at San Francisco State University for 8 years, teaching Management students how to identify their creativity in relation to the metaphysical, the relational and the felt experience; both within business and their own everyday lives.

Her teaching is about learning what it means to have a unique ‘shape’ and how holistic communication shifts business – and our approach to life – from a competitive environment to a cooperative one where Dynamic Emergence can reveal our collaborative potential. Understanding our creativity and complexity contributes to both business and life, and ultimately, our evolution.

On Human Consciousness… and Creativity

I have a passion for Consciousness and Creativity, and our collective evolution – including how we create relationships, deepen self-knowledge and thrive as communities (inter-beings) on this planet. To this end I have been working on an accessible and practical ways to learn more about who we are and ‘how we work’ systemically, energetically, alchemically.

There is a focus on our own exciting self-mastery and development; on the human dynamics of interaction (with our potential) and inspiration (with our new possibilities), so that we can all thrive. I hope to contribute to our ability to emerge as wise communities. I call this Dynamic Emergence.