Clare Hedin, a musician, performs for the walk of the labyrinth. The Labyrinth itself came to by the work of Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress. From 1991 to 2007, the labyrinth was made of tapestry. In 2007, Margaret and Will Hearst donated funds to replace the tapestry with limestone. March 11th 2016. Julio Marcial
Clare Hedin performs for the walk of the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. March 11th 2016. Julio Marcial

Clare Hedin is a multi-disciplinary artist, with an emphasis on music, healing and creativity.  A singer/songwriter and sound healer, she researches our evolving consciousness, exploring the nature of being through exploring energy awareness, connection and deep listening. Her focus is on developing our innate creativity. To this end she performs and speaks at Conferences, Events and Symposiums, and teaches Creativity & Innovation at SFSU, and in online workshops.

Classically trained in piano and voice from a very early age, Clare finds her inspiration through her love of nature and transformational discovery. She has an MA in Consciousness Studies, Creative Arts and Transformative Studies. She studied voice, piano, guitar, and Shruti with mentors Rhiannon, Peter Apfelbaum, Syvila Nakkach, and at the helpful hands of various Jazz greats who came through Yoshi’s Jazz Club in Oakland, where she managed Artist Relations for two years.

A natural healer, she co-created the Sound Healing Program at the CA Institute of Psychoacoustics in San Francisco (CIP), and took her original healing music into Oakland Children’s Hospital, CA and Middlesex hospital, UK for a number of years.

Clare is also a lecturer at San Francisco State University, teaching Management students how to identify their creativity in relation to the metaphysical, the relational and the felt experience; both within business and their own everyday lives. Her teaching is about learning what it means to have a unique ‘shape’ and how holistic communication shifts business from a competitive environment to a cooperative one where Dynamic Emergence can reveal our collaborative potential. Understanding our creativity and complexity contributes to both business and life.

Clare’s Story In Her Own Words

On Human Consciousness… and Creativity

Dynamic Emergence

I have a passion for Consciousness and Creativity, and our collective evolution – including how we create relationships, deepen self-knowledge and thrive as communities (inter-beings) on this planet. To this end I have been working on an accessible and practical ways to learn more about who we are and ‘how we work’ systemically, energetically, alchemically.

There is a focus on our own exciting self-mastery and development; on the human dynamics of interaction (with our potential) and inspiration (with our new possibilities), so that we can all thrive. I hope to contribute to our ability to emerge as wise communities. I call this Dynamic Emergence.

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