Voice & Music Training

Your depth is expressed in your voice. Your honesty is in your voice, your power, your musicality, your message… all of you is in your voice. I work directly with people of all ages and needs; performers, songwriters, vocalistspresenters, social activists, creatives, and those who seek to liberate themselves from years of oppression or neglect. You might have an urgent need to redefine your identity, reestablish your confidence, grow your stage presence, and the ‘style’ of who you actually are. Deepen your belonging and your joy… fight for a precious truth. You are not alone. Within this truthful voice are also your ancestors, the elements, and your unique history. It is home to a vibrant, precious, living, being. I can help you find, know, trust, and love it.  From there your truth becomes dynamic, effortless, empowering and easy to voice.  It’s a very exciting process – totally relevant to your life!

Using body awareness, energy, and focused attention, Clare helps you to step into the power in your depth. That power will change your life.

Meet Roshana

“How I thought music people would be… previous voice teachers I’ve had, you’ve been the complete opposite, and in a better way. This is where I’m actually improving and this is where I’m comfortable. To be around Clare is such a pleasure. I like studying with her because I’m a visual person and the way she teaches is more visual. She explains her theories and philosophies about sound and music in a way that you can actually see them and experience them… it helps me know how to better execute as a singer.  It’s so much fun – I’m learning and growing as an artist and a singer.”

Meet Chrysanthemum


“You have a knack for zeroing on exactly what will help the most. It was seeing you do that which made you my first choice for the summer, with the hope that you would do that for me, too. And you delivered not just on the musical level, but on the psychospiritual level as well. It’s interesting when I look back and think about you being a “sound healer” among other things. By causing me to notice and address an aspect of my singing (which demands I work more towards trust in myself as a musician) you actually are facilitating a kind of healing, since this issue in my singing is just one manifestation of a systemic problem in my psyche. You really delivered!”  

Meet Olivia


“I have been working with Clare for a few months for private vocal lessons. Before I started the class I was very insecure about my singing voice and lacked confidence when performing songs. As I’ve worked with Clare, I have gotten more comfortable as a vocalist and performer. I am able to sing as loud as I want without feeling embarrassed about who can hear me. The environment in each class is extremely positive and safe. I am able to express myself freely and comfortably. Each class is filled with so much joy and laughter, we always have fun. 

Clare has connected vocal techniques to emotional and spiritual feelings. For instance, we have worked on exercises where we hold different notes and move our bodies at the same time, then we discuss how our minds/bodies felt before and after each time. This allows me to relax and let go of any tension or hostility I may have had during my day. 

I have been introduced to so many new tactics to help me not only improve my singing, but also use in my everyday life. Thanks to Clare, the possibility of pursuing a future in singing feels closer than before and much more exciting. Not only do I learn new things from her, but she also has made it clear how much she enjoys learning new things from her students. 

Her classes make me feel empowered, respected, and joyful. I look forward to continuing my work with Clare and expanding my knowledge on singing and spirit.”