Dowsers Conference this 4 July weekend in Santa Cruz!

Hey folks,

I’m heading down the beautiful Pacific Highway on my way to the Dowsers 2016 Conference to sing and give my talk on “Intuitive Resonance: Finding the True You“.

Here’s a quick summary of my talk:

How can we use the power of sound to help us access that place of deeper wisdom within each of us? There is an opportunity available to each of us to travel from the externalising monkey mind to a place of deeper connection. In that place we can feel the guidance of our intuition and the light of our own knowing. Divining from there we feel the freedom and the inspiration that we belong to, and that lovingly waits for us. Once connected time unites and all is one! When we know, we don’t have to decide.
Clare will also share her developing map ‘Dynamic Emergence’ encouraging us to playfully engage with the universe to find guidance in its humorous, wise and interactive communications! Her presentation will be interactive, fun, informative and healing.

Come and join us – I’m talking on Monday at 10.45am and there are tons of amazing speakers starting Saturday morning and all through the long weekend!