Sound Art Meditation

Each Sound Art Meditation video focuses on the harmonic presence of nature, in the colour spectrum of light. They combine Clare’s intimate nature photographs paired with her original music. Take a minute out of your day to meditate and clear your mind.

Each color is an opportunity to notice that color within nature and within ourselves – how does it feel to touch into each color-sound? More colors and themes to follow…

*Listening Tip: Listen with headphones or high quality speakers for maximum effect.


This Sound Art Meditation contains the music Revere.

This Sound Art Meditation contains the music White Springs Birthday

This Sound Art Meditation contains the music Morning Chant.

This Sound Art Meditation contains the music Morning Chant.

This Sound Art Meditation contains the track Puja from CD Elemental Trance.

This Sound Art Meditation contains the music I and I from CD Elemental Trance.


This piece is a combination of images taken on Scottish Argyle lands; walking inside tidal lochs, inside the skirts of mountains, along tidal paths, and in the lush forests. The sounds of the wind and the sea and birds, belong to Orkney, the islands north of Scotland’s mainland. It is a vital place of elemental fortitude – as a human, I am nothing against the power of the wind. 3/2020

Kyle Chandler, filmmaker, combined his footage of central plains of USA with my improvised voice and shruti. 9/2021

I went with producer, Gentry Stanley, to be filmed singing at the feet of the Giant Sequoia as the sun rose. This being had been given a militaristic name that didn’t ring true for me, so I asked it what it’s true name was. What I heard was ‘Adame’. When I went home I looked up the root of Adame, and found that it means ‘red earth’.  18 June, 2018

Jack London Square, Oakland, CA. Originally recorded in Grace Cathedral Feb 14, 2022. Played over the marina’s sleeping boats by Gentry Stanley.

Burning Man’s playa @ Black Rock, Nevada. Filmed by Gentry Stanley.  2022


Audience Reflections

Thank you so much for that! I want more!

I loved the metaphors, it was so delightful, thanks for sharing… ‘pretending to be a plant’ a hysterical concept. ‘I’m being a flower and if we’re both being flowers, who will find us??’ And of course everyone loved ‘even the leaves turned away to protect their ears’… your metaphors bring me into the story, I feel everything that’s happening and I know what’s going on, and emotionally I was along for the ride… I can’t wait to hear more. Wendy

It’s so hard to captivate an audience and read at the same time but you did it so effortlessly… so friendly, so mysterious… this story needs to keep going. I need to know what happens next!!

Clare….!!!! I felt listening to your whole theatrical presentation I was like a little 5-year old in magic land… so hypnotic, the pauses, the suspense… your joy just ignites my joy!  Olga

Natural storyteller – lovely and imaginative… I loved hearing you read… you can read anything and it brings me such pleasure. I’m enraptured and pulled in… feels like a lovely bedtime story.

I am the little old guy who’s different than everybody else… I was very gently transported by this story. Thankfully transported because it took me to a place that doesn’t often exist in my life, where things are gentle and are articulated clearly and things are simple and loving and things have a resolution, even partial, in the telling, if not predicting a greater resolution later. That’s the essence of all good animal-based storytelling. Because by telling an animal story we can extract human dynamics and play with them in a way that we wish the human dynamics would mimmic, maybe. I did not expect to be here in this place, thank you Clare…  Rich

That took me back to being a child listening to tales of Winny the Pooh, just fabulous. I could see everything so vividly and the characters are so vividly developed. Thank you so much for sharing.  Wendy

You bend time… you are playing with the time-space continuum and we’re there with you.  Molly

I love the way that you’re telling the story. I love that I can see everything, I can see the fishies under the water. It tells me how observant you are as a person… I can’t wait to hear more.  Ellen

Clare… I’m so happy and grateful that I was able to catch this. Thank you for the softness of that story – I needed that. From the texture, to the porcupine’s soft belly, the story of connecting and having something be different from what you thought it might be – really special. Thank you so much.  Emily

All day I’ve felt like a child, I’ve giggled and taken pleasure in everything that came my way and here I giggled even more…. thank you.  Sandra

I’m pretty addicted to the ‘Calm App’ and people tell stories and I’m very particular whose voice I’ll listen to… yours is a voice that feels so warm and embracing and sweet. I love it. Thank you.  Laura 

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