Grief & Healing Room

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There are times in our personal and family lives when grief takes centerstage; a way of life changes, children move out, people get sick, a friendship might complete… perhaps someone close to you is suffering, or even dying – perhaps it’s you.

No matter what is happening in your life right now, this virtual room (and its resources) is to provide you with some solace in a time of need, a place to come and listen to some sound healing that was performed in real-time with real people receiving it and recorded so that it could travel… to you. Also, it is a chance to read some other people’s first-person experiences of grieving loss.

Please play the soundtrack below through really good speakers, or good headphones, in a room where you can remain comfortable and undisturbed. Sit down, lie back, sink in, relax… and feel.

Thank you for coming here to take care of yourself.  This is just for you.

Clare – 

Listen to Journey 1 and feel. Whatever you feel, trust it’s ok.

Get comfortable, and listen to Journey 1

We all need resources – especially when times are hard. When we are grieving and adapting to change, oftentimes people do not know how to ‘meet us’ in the place we find ourselves in – it is an unpredictable place and oftentimes we just need to withdraw… and we don’t necessarily know what to ask for or,  whether it’s ok to ask for it. It can be an isolating time, and yet a precious one.

If reading something might feel helpful, I can recommend some of my own articles [see below] – one written when my own brother died and others from different situations that activated grief.

How Clare's live sound helps

a family’s grief & healing

“Clare is an old family friend of ours and it was incredibly special to all of us when she offered a music healing session in my parents’ home a couple of years ago.

My father’s condition was deteriorating rapidly as his multiple myeloma progressed and it was clear that we had only a short time left together.

Clare sat with us (at a distance with the door open, due to covid restrictions at the time!), and played and sang, conjuring up a dreamy reality.

This was a hugely meditative experience that created a deeper energetic connection between us. Not only was the music and singing so beautiful, Clare created a moving and spiritual experience for our family that has provided a precious memory for my sister and me after the loss of both our parents.

My father was a very skeptical man who questioned alternative therapies and most spiritual ideas, but this experience impacted him profoundly and we felt that it enabled him to come to a calmer and more accepting place of what he was going through.

At the time our mother had Alzheimer’s and it was wonderful to be able to have a shared experience that she could fully participate in. She was a very spiritual person and to be able to share this with her family and Clare was incredibly meaningful for her. Sadly, her condition deteriorated the following year as she developed motor neurone disease.

We knew that Clare would want to be with us as our mum was passing, and we connected with Clare online so that she could sing to our mum during her last week of life. Again, this has provided a special memory for us; Clare created a truly unique and spiritual experience that we know was so important to our mum and also to us as we sat with her each day coming to terms with her loss.

Both my sister and I can’t thank Clare enough for these opportunities to share something other-worldly and profound with our parents. It felt as though we were holding hands in a deep meditation that brought such calm and togetherness – just beautiful.”

Articles on grief & grieving

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