Mandala Mandorla – serendipity as a sign.

One day I was taking a walk, a walk I do often, along the water’s edge between Richmond, CA, and El Cerrito. It’s a beautiful walk.

As I continued on my way, I happened to reach some stairs that led down to a tiny beach. I noticed a man walking up the stairs. He seemed kind, and happy… quite at peace. We nodded to one another, and I carried on my way. Not many paces later, something told me to stop and look back at the water. I saw him doing the same.

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Are your questions talking to you?

‘Do we decide questions at all? We decide answers, no doubt, but surely the questions decide us.’ Lewis Carroll

Is there a value to our questions that we haven’t quite explored yet?

Questions run around in my mind that relate to our existence, the web of life, of which we are somehow a part. What is interesting to me is that, once voiced, it seems that everybody at some point in their lives asks the same questions. As Lewis Carroll says above, we are free to choose the answers but it would seem that the questions are a constant in our lives, that innately create a connection between us. If we were to locate the origin of the questions themselves, then perhaps we would be part way to finding the answers. What if the point is not only to locate answers to the questions but to see the existence of the questions as their own answeras a clue?  

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