Angel Songs

Do you feel suspended in your grief over the passing of a child, parent, partner, pet, or companion… a being that you loved, and were somehow deeply connected to? Are you grief-stricken over the state of global unrest, the planet’s rapid degradation, the seeming loss of respect for life?  Do you feel grief over isolation or loneliness? 


Sometimes life brings pain and sadness, and we need help from the other side, help to find the strength to move on, help to feel like this all makes sense, help to heal and restore – to regain connection.

With this music, I help you connect with your truth and healing. I have been gifted to be able to hear music and messages from the other side, that can serve you. Intentional music can help us come to terms with our pain and move on with love and peace in our hearts. Here is a story about an unborn child, Deeya…

Some moons ago, two very dear friends of mine suffered the loss of a child, whilst in their third term of pregnancy. This child was much anticipated – a sister for their son. There was deep grieving and a sense of incompleteness as the loss fell over their lives. Three months later, we shared a letting go ceremony in order to help heal the pain, the grief and the deep sadness. In the ceremony I received a song spontaneously, which I sang, as a melody. And that was that… or so I thought.

A few days later I was reading in my own garden and the melody came back to me, having, I thought, disappeared into the ethers of time. That song came full and strong, this time with words and harmonies. So I ran to my studio and recorded it, delivering it to my friends, since it felt obvious to me that it was for them – I was just the messenger. The child had been named ‘Deeya’ – ‘little light’ in Hindi – and it was from Deeya that this song came. She wanted me to give it to her parents. 

Hear how it helped these grieving parents

“I just want to share something very cool going on for me around Deeya. She is constantly in my thoughts, I remember how her pregnancy affected me, the hopes I had, how much love I was pouring into her spirit. I feel fairly well healed from the sadness of the experience, but one of the most critical parts of this ongoing healing is your song. With my own musical propensities, the music leads right into the spiritual centers of my heart. When I think of Deeya, I don’t have to be sad and regretful… I can embrace the experience, say I miss you and I love you. I sing it often to myself, to her. Everyone should be so fortunate to have a friend who can see so clearly, so deeply. My life would definitely be less without you. With big love and gratefulness… [and later] we just listened to Deeya again, and all of us are in tears. Thank you so much. It is absolutely from the most authentic part of yourself.”

-Anonymous, for privacy.

I would like to offer you the chance to hear music from the other side, to help you with your pain, or a loved one’s with theirs. Please visit my rates page for further information and booking. Or you can visit my patreon page for additional options.

Here is the song Deeya gave me for her parents.

I send you love if you are suffering right now. 

Thank you, and please get in touch.