Healing & Energy Session

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clare bowls

Clare will play and sing for your healing over zoom. Single 1 hr session.

Book a series of 4 sessions to receive  a  discount.

Clare consults with you over zoom, in a healing atmosphere. She will read your energy & explore your thinking process with you to clarify next steps for your healing, peace, creativity & inspiration.  Single 1 hr session.  Book a series of 4 sessions to receive a discount

Clare will play and sing for your healing over zoom. Single 1.5 hr session. 

Book a series of 4 sessions to receive a discount

Local, in-person, available – CONTACT CLARE for details. 

What people are saying

That was incredibly powerful, incredibly light, and yet incredibly deep simultaneously… just this wonderful capability to transcend, to transform yourself through the music, through all shapes and all energies, just held beautifully by you, I tuned in without knowing anything and I feel I’ve been in the presence of somebody and something warm and profound and timeless, and I really appreciate what you’ve offered us today. It’s an inspiration to me to seek those places and that energy in myself. Thank you so much, from my heart.

Wow, Clare! This is extraordinary. I felt my body sink into the earth, down through the mica and mycelium, where an underground river carried me through a cave-scape with carvings, like rememberings or instructions along its walls. And then toward a shimmering back wall that opened up. And there I was on the top of a mountain, gusty winds blowing my skirts. Around me, a sisterhood of ancient crones. What an initiation!

Clare has a gift that is other worldly. During the sound healings I have attended, my body has felt awakened and vibrant, even when my mind has quietened or slept. After the sessions, I have felt like a child – pure, cleansed, and unburdened. There is a primal healing that comes from the experience that is beyond words. The only way to understand it is to experience it. Thank you Clare.