What is healing?

If we are energy, and our consciousness can move within us and between us on the energy, then there is constant motion and interaction. This affects us every day. When issues or ideas get stuck, and the energy can’t flow, it gets ‘arrested’ and, similarly, arrests us. This can occur from stress, or strong, repetitive belief patterns. If someone, a family, or culture, inhabits our energy field (this is common) then we can lose the autonomy of our minds, become self-doubting, low on confidence, indecisive. Trauma is the chronically repetitive experience of inhibition of self’s ability to flow. Fatigue and illness can be caused by a restriction in our physical, emotional, or mental energy field.

Healing releases that

Here, I gave a brief sound healing to a client. It was filmed by Aura Imaging. You can see the colours flowing and changing between us. This is the flow of energy between us. Some people interpret those colours with specific meanings – green in particular (which appears at the end) denotes healing. More details are available on the YouTube link.  [Please note the sound quality is poor].

This basil plant was wilting. I gave it reiki, spoke lovingly to it, and sang to it for about 10 minutes. I filmed it whilst I left it alone for 2.5hrs. This movie shows the effect those actions had on the plant. This is what I mean by energy is alive, and moving – and simply needs our attention to thrive. It is speeded up 30k times, reducing it to approx 30 secs. I was excited to see the plant’s vitality return!

To experience your own sound healing, and/or to learn more about your energy field; how it works, how to be in a good relationship with it so you can have a clearer mind, a stress-free body, and more joy in your life – you can now book a session with Clare.