The Spirit of Sound: Singing, Healing & Community – May 26, 7.30pm. Grace Cathedral, SF.

Coming together ~ a time for renewal and connection. There are many ways to be a peaceful presence on this Earth; a social activist, a personal healer, an environmentalist, an artist… a parent to life. We might be involved in politics, we might write, campaign, converse, communicate. There is something else we can do that heals the inner framework that both influences, and is influenced by, our rich, interactive, world: we can deepen into our consciousness, through shared sound. As a sound healer, I know the value that sharing through sound brings, and I get to witness the unity that develops on all platforms, through the sacred act of singing in communion. This brief, yet valuable, visit into the realms of sound and healing, invites us to experience this together. Come rest in the harmony of community. It is time to gather, it is time to sing. Come join us, in the Spirit of Sound! ADVANCE TIX ON EVENTBRITE

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Sound Grove for the Trees

1,000,000 Voices for 1,000,000 Trees

Welcome to Sound Grove for the Trees – the first of many Sound Groves forming.

Our Sound Grove is a virtual circle of men and women who wish to come together EVERY Sunday, in sacred connection, and weave our voices together in resonant sound, for the love of the Trees. I am Clare Hedin and I am a Sound Doula – a woman who holds, nurtures, inspires and guides sacred sound experiences for the collective.

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Dowsing For Enlightenment!

Here is the recording of the talk I gave on Dowsing for Enlightenment (details below).

And I have a REQUEST: please scroll down to bottom of page and leave your comments/feedback below on your experience of the sounds/singing that I shared live that day, and/or the talk itself – I’d love to include your feedback on my site. Thank you! And have a beautiful day! … Clare

(remember, scroll down for comments box or click on ‘leave a comment’ above!… A good question to ask yourself if wondering what to write “what did I experience when Clare sang? What did I learn, or revisit, when I listened to Clare talk?”) 

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