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'Clare is an alchemist and powerhouse of deep transformation. A highly intelligent, soulful, mystical being whose presence offers an amazing crucible for change.' Clare Dubois, Tree Sisters

1. Revere (excerpt)
2. Deeya
3. Listen to me
4. Dusken Necropolis

Intentional sound speaks to our bodies, minds, and emotions in ways that transform our presence; it takes us into a different orientation, bypassing resistance. Because we are vibrational in nature we respond systemically to intentional vibrations created in sound healing sessions. When we flow, life happens.

‘I feel a deep connection on an indescribable level that comes from the soundscapes that move through you; it soothes the aching heart, angry moods, and whimsical spirits. More than that, it feels like the field that is opening through the sound is the way to bring in this shift in consciousness’


We are the wilderness that beckons us

What happens when Clare sings?

Clare's profound healing music transforms @ Grace Cathedral.

Illuminate @ Grace Cathedral.

What magical space does Clare unlock inside each of us?

Dowsers Conference - testimonials.

Shavasana - relax after your yoga ... and be transported.

Performing @ Miwok Gallery, Miramar.

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grief and praise - new live sound healing album

‘Clare Hedin’s capacity to attune deeply with sound is unparalleled. She is a vehicle for cellular reorganization. This is powerful personal and collective healing. Clare is a voice for our living earth. I trust the authenticity of her sounding completely.’  Stephanie Mines PhD, Neuroscientist & Author on Trauma.

‘Oh, so beautiful, penetrating and moving with such healing and more – I love your new album, Grief and Praise. I love you, and your voice is an instrument of peace and healing.’  Anita Sanchez PhD, Author The Four Sacred Gifts.

‘Thank you for this offering. It reaches to every cell of the body and helps turn on those emotional switches to release the emotions of sadness lingering long over time and embrace the newness of healing and joy.’  Kahontakwas Diane Longboat, M.Ed., Six Nations Grand River Territory.


Meet Clare

Clare Hedin is a multi-disciplinary artist, exploring our evolutionary potential and our relationship to life, each other, and the planet, through arts, awareness, and healing.

Performer, facilitator, traveler, photographer, singer/songwriter, sound healer, artist, clairaudient, poet, writer, and educator, she invites our deep presence and evolving consciousness through energy awareness, intuitive listening, and inspired, sensitive noticing.

She travels, performs, records, speaks, leads groups & teaches Creativity & Applied Imagination @ Central St. Martins, London, SFSU, San Francisco, and consults with individuals & groups. Online courses @ Dynamic Emergence.

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Clare travels, speaks, and sings, seeding hearts in evolving communities. Co-emerge through communion in sound, listening, and silence. Experience Clare’s unique gatherings… and explore our consciousness together.

Share a unique experiencing of a loving space, a deeper understanding, a spiritual teaching supported by dynamic sounding… all in response to what is waiting to be noticed. We are each a seed… of potential.

The alchemy is in the listening

music that heals

How we come into relationship with all that is present is directly affected by who we are being, what is influencing us, and how well we know ourselves.

‘Sound is a phenomenal and profound way to connect to our divinity, transform our consciousness, and clear our bodies and minds of concern and illusion… making room for joy.

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“Nature is my muse, my friend, my teacher. This relationship is inherent in my music, my photography, my writing, and also my focus on creativity.”


If you want to know more about how to increase and deepen your own creativity, then come and study with Clare.

What is


Clare has created a 7-level online course to assist you to explore, develop and deepen the sense of your mysterious and precious being.


Sound Stories

What if sound were an entity, and silence was its dance partner… are we the music? Some things to consider… What sound is saying What silence is holding That our presence is woven by them both *Before you read anything else, please put on a pair of headphones and listen

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The Reality of Success

Why is success valuable? It was only recently that I began to accept that I was not, in fact, made of metal. Strange as that may sound, I have often, unconsciously, aspired to have its qualities; impenetrability, solidity, ‘coolness’, and toughness. I have grown to realize that I, like all

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What does it mean to be a woman with a voice?

Beginnings Growing up as a woman in the 70’s and 80’s in England, UK, I was opinionated and yet also very much in a ‘man’s world’. What I learned from my environment was that women were often not considered to be as cultured, talented, or important as men – there

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