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Music, Healing & Consciousness

Experience dynamic sound - transform our consciousness - change our future. 

'To date, the average alpha power increase amongst a sample of 30 healers giving sessions was 80-100%; Clare’s went up by 393%. Research shows that Alpha is connected to both healing and creativity. ¹Alpha power relates to a person’s aptitude for creative thought.' Psychology Today, April, 2015
'Clare Hedin is a vocal, tonal, resonance and energy master. She reads the underlying dynamics and aspiration in a group field and brings those hidden dimensions into the most fulfilling and harmonious expression. Clare knows that the evolving edge of healing lies in exploring our collective emergence…and she knows how to bring us to that edge. Maybe you have never heard the sound of our collective longing, our collective sorrow or our collective joy but you will in the presence of her work!' James O'Dea.



Music that Heals

Music and sounds helps us transition. It can be used for yoga, emotional processing, relaxation, and inspirational mood setting at work.

Sound Healing

Sacred Science of Healing

Clare is a featured Sound Healer on this special healer video series. Created by The Sacred Science team. Check it out and buy your discounted copy!

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Sound Art Meditations

Experience Sound Art Video Meditations with Clare's intimate nature photographs and original music. Take a little time for you, and re-connect.

Sound Art Meditations

Our Creative Potential

Understanding the nature of creativity helps us understand the nature of life. I coach & speak on the philosophy, dynamics & usability of our creativity.


Performing Music

Engage Clare for music performance, sound healing events, to licence music and hire her for special events and your own unique recording projects .


Dynamic Emergence

How we come into relationship with all that is present is directly affected by who we are being, what is influencing us and how well we know ourselves.

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‘There is an energy waiting to express itself. Whilst it is unseen, it is tellingly impactful and so alive in each of us! Our relationship to this energy influences what we are experiencing, who we are becoming and what we are creating. Forming a conscious relationship with this energy gives us access to our inspiration, our creativity, our vitality, and our deepest joy. Sound is a phenomenal and profound way to connect to our divinity, transform our consciousness, and clear our bodies and minds of concern and illusion… making room for joy.’ Singer, songwriter, sound healer, artist, performer, Clare understands our potential to create dynamic change in collaboration with life’s inherent intelligence, creativity, and wisdom. Book her now.


What Others Are Saying

Wow, Clare! This is extraordinary. I felt my body sink into the earth, down through the mica and mycelium, where an underground river carried me through a cave-scape with carvings, like rememberings or instructions along its walls. And then toward a shimmering back wall that opened up. And there I was on the top of a mountain, gusty winds blowing my skirts. Around me, a sisterhood of ancient crones. What an initiation!

Clare is a very intuitive voice coach. She helped me to stay focused and naturally eased me into being grounded so that I felt comfortable expressing myself through my voice while singing. I am so grateful for her patient, unconventional, way of teaching, her immense musical knowledge, her passion, and joy. My confidence level has improved significantly after the first session and I feel so much happier and connected with my voice. I highly recommend working with Clare on anything that’s voice/music-related. [voice coaching]

When I meet Clare the first time, I felt seen from her in a way not many people do, with deep empathy and understanding about being highly sensitive. I did not care about her way of giving sessions, I knew that I wanted one… for me the energy is more important than a technique. And I did right with my decision! After 30 years on my healing way, something very amazing happened… Clare gave me a key, I have been searching for years… Healing of sexual and mental abuse on body level… Words and sounds reached my cells. [Sound Healing & Voice Coaching]

I hired her also for mentoring a conflict with a friend. It was so helpful and again the found the “point”! Thank you for your Light & Love & help. [Dynamic Conflict Sound Healing]

[Note from Clare: I used sound and deep listening and reflection to help both parties be, and feel, understood, gotten, and able to find a path forward out of blame into willing engagement and self-ownership… transitioning from simply experiencing to experiencing & observing – a profound shift to witness & facilitate with their willingness to be so open].

I want to tell you my experience with Clare’s Sound Healing: In the first part of it my mind and soul totally disappeared… it seem that even the sound took my body away. When I felt inside my body again, in the here and now, I recognized this tender pain vibration at my old weak point inside my left hip – the sound was doctoring there and the result was amazing. Clare, my work life is very rational – I am not used to this kind of experience. Thank you so much… you are really blessed (and a blessing). [Sound Healing]

Clare has a gift that is other worldly. During the sound healings I have attended, my body has felt awakened and vibrant, even when my mind has quietened or slept. After the sessions, I have felt like a child – pure, cleansed, and unburdened. There is a primal healing that comes from the experience that is beyond words. The only way to understand it is to experience it. Thank you Clare. [Sound Healing]