Soul of Place Videos


This piece is a combination of images taken on Scottish Argyle lands; walking inside tidal lochs, inside the skirts of mountains, along tidal paths, and in the lush forests. The sounds of the wind and the sea and birds, belong to Orkney, the islands north of Scotland’s mainland. It is a vital place of elemental fortitude – as a human, I am nothing against the power of the wind. 3/2020

Kyle Chandler, filmmaker, combined his footage of central plains of USA with my improvised voice and shruti. 9/2021

I went with producer, Gentry Stanley, to be filmed singing at the feet of the Giant Sequoia as the sun rose. This being had been given a militaristic name that didn’t ring true for me, so I asked it what it’s true name was. What I heard was ‘Adame’. When I went home I looked up the root of Adame, and found that it means ‘red earth’.  18 June, 2018

Jack London Square, Oakland, CA. Originally recorded in Grace Cathedral Feb 14, 2022. Played over the marina’s sleeping boats by Gentry Stanley.

Burning Man’s playa @ Black Rock, Nevada. Filmed by Gentry Stanley.  2022

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