Sound Grove for the Trees

1,000,000 Voices for 1,000,000 Trees

Welcome to Sound Grove for the Trees – the first of many Sound Groves forming.

Our Sound Grove is a virtual circle of men and women who wish to come together EVERY Sunday, in sacred connection, and weave our voices together in resonant sound, for the love of the Trees. I am Clare Hedin and I am a Sound Doula – a woman who holds, nurtures, inspires and guides sacred sound experiences for the collective.

When we consider the trees as our sacred family, we can talk, listen, feel, touch and sing as one.
When we consider the trees as our sacred family, we can talk, listen, feel, touch and sing as one.

The inspiration for Sound Grove for the Trees was birthed out of a co-creative conversation between two TreeSisters, myself and Lori Wallace. We both know that in order to bring our most authentic and capable selves forward for the good of our planet, we need to commit to practices that channel the yearnings of the soul. Resonant sacred sound is a tuning fork for the soul, so to speak, that we wish to make available to others – all in the support of the trees.

We gather virtually each Sunday starting October 30, 2016 at 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm GMT, for 30mins. You can participate from any location (home, in a car, or even best, out in nature) using your cell phone or computer.

Suggestions for how to engage on Sunday:

At 10amPST/1pmEST/6pmGMT, on your phone or computer go to:-

1. Find a place that suits you, to the best of your ability, where you can meditate with the sounds I will create, for half an hour. Choose a tree, a space, a room, a place in your imagination – somewhere that allows you to tune in, wherever you are, without disturbance.
2. Get comfortable and go quietly within.
3. Feel your gratitude for this moment, this body, this earth, this life.
4. Release your pain, your loss, your suffering, share it with the earth.
5. Breathe in the new that arises from the truth of the old.
6. Sound it out loud with me, in the Grove.
7. Feel your Peace.
8. Share your blessings with the universe, for all that is.

To make a donation to Tree Sisters and grow our Tree Family, you can make a pledge, however small – joining your sisters and brothers – to help fund the reforestation of our planet.

Thank you.

And here is a portal for making any donation you feel inspired to make to TreeSisters and the trees, to grow the tree family at record speed! We are aiming at 1,000,000 Voices for 1,000,000 Trees! If you are already a recurring donor to TreeSisters – we thank you and the trees thank you, from their roots to their crowns!

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I look forward to joining voices with you Sunday at 10am PST/1pm EST/6pm GMT.

With love, and welcome!