Dowsing For Enlightenment!

Here is the recording of the talk I gave on Dowsing for Enlightenment (details below).

And I have a REQUEST: please scroll down to bottom of page and leave your comments/feedback below on your experience of the sounds/singing that I shared live that day, and/or the talk itself – I’d love to include your feedback on my site. Thank you! And have a beautiful day! … Clare

(remember, scroll down for comments box or click on ‘leave a comment’ above!… A good question to ask yourself if wondering what to write “what did I experience when Clare sang? What did I learn, or revisit, when I listened to Clare talk?”) 

  • “Dowsing For Enlightenment!” – Talk, San Jose. Oct 13th 1.30-4.30pm ($7 on door/$5 members)
  • “Finding Self, Finding Life” – (follow on) Workshop, San Jose. Oct 14th 1pm-4pm ($35) *note new time & price!

Both events hosted by San Jose Dowsers Chapter – click on flyer or this link for bigger version. 

REGISTER: (1) 720 382 8414.  Attendance at either event, or both events, is welcomed.

VENUE: Divine Science Center, 1540 Hicks Blvd., San Jose, CA 95125.