Why a New California?

I have had the good fortune, recently, of considering my own social and spiritual values in an effort to make sense of who I am in relation to the dissolution of the country that I have learned to call home. That country is USA. It has espoused such high values and manages to have so much trouble living up to those values within it’s own ‘four walls’, as well as abroad.

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Sound Grove for the Trees

1,000,000 Voices for 1,000,000 Trees

Welcome to Sound Grove for the Trees – the first of many Sound Groves forming.

Our Sound Grove is a virtual circle of men and women who wish to come together EVERY Sunday, in sacred connection, and weave our voices together in resonant sound, for the love of the Trees. I am Clare Hedin and I am a Sound Doula – a woman who holds, nurtures, inspires and guides sacred sound experiences for the collective.

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Is happiness on Facebook real??

green monster To Fake it or not to Fake it – that is the question!

I’ve noticed, of late, that the more I troll through FB the more green I seem to get, the more inadequate I seem to feel and, before too long, I notice my insides slump as I think to myself ‘gosh, all these people are SO HAPPY, SO SUCCESSFUL!… What’s wrong with me?? How come I am not doing as much as these people?(even though I’m doing A LOT)… I’ll never get there/be there/[fill in your blanks]. How come I feel down at times? How come I’m not perpetually joyous, grateful and enamoured of life… of myself? I must be failing as a new age warrior! Yes, I must be getting it wrong!

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