Labyrinth Walk to end Alzheimers

Come walk the labyrinth, while Clare and Egemen Sanli perform their original music for you. It will take you off into the liminal realms… A special event co-hosted by Rivet … Read more

What is a Shruti Box? Where does it come from? How do I play it ?

I use this instrument, the Shruti, frequently when I perform. Watch this video to find out how it sounds, how it’s made and played. This particular model is designed by Stefan Cartwright in UK. Beautifully designed, I highly recommend his work. Here I demonstrate how to use it and what it sounds like to have it accompany you when you sing, heal or perform.

And, the question is why do I play it?… what’s so special about the Shruti that it features in most of my performances? Let’s find out.

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