“Dreaming with wings”

One day, I was sitting on a bench,  in the garden of a house in LA, where I was pursuing my music career, writing a song on my guitar. My housemate walked past me on his way out and asked about the song and I said “I’m just noodling, writing a song, it has a lot of energy and it just came to me”. As he left he said “I hope it brings you all you want in life”. The song is about freedom, personal freedom. And, it turns out later, I wrote it on the day my divorce became final. I didn’t realize it, because it was a Sunday, and we had filed the papers six months earlier. Funny how life speaks to, and through, us, isn’t it?

(Song and image copyright Clare Hedin, produced by Jeff Crerie)


Fun outdoors!

You know, if you just amble along, for long enough, sometimes you might come across a crazy piano, sitting on a bluff, waiting for someone to play it… 🙂

Healing through Creativity – women’s retreat… the discovery

Are you interested in deepening your relationship to your creativity, even using it for healing?

spirit renewalI was privileged to co-create an amazing, intimate four day retreat as part of a team of four strong, sensitive women: Beth, Becky and Trish. Based at Four Springs retreat in Middletown we spent days singing, healing, crafting, doing soul collage, eating wonderful ‘clean’ food, having individual healings and massages! Here are some pictures. Join us next year. If interested, please contact Becky Shafi: [Read more…] about Healing through Creativity – women’s retreat… the discovery