Wild Soul Artist Becoming – workshop

Hello Dear Friends,

I am excited to tell you about a new offering starting Jan 8, 10am-11.30am PST: “Wild Soul”! A truly inspiring and custom-designed 8-week creativity program for a community to gather around their creativity and how we make meaning. One of the things that patriarchy has tried to strip us of is our sense of mystique and mischief, our natural cosmological impulse to play and explore freely, without judgment or destination, and yet with critical thinking and self-awareness. 

Assemblage, Found Object, Meditation Art, Sound Art, Juxtaposition…

When we go to art school we get to explore conceptual reality, develop practical skills and techniques, discuss and explore new ways of thinking things through. If we are not at art school (or have left it already) when do we get to express ourselves in non-linear ways, to keep evolving? When we ‘art’ we ‘become’. It’s a mutual process of interconnectedness between us and the numinous.

I invite you to come and join this launch iteration (taught for many years at SFSU to management students but now publically available) at the introductory rate of $80 (that’s $10/gathering). We will enjoy online interactions (available in any time zone) as well as weekly Saturday morning (PST) zoom meetings where we get to ‘show and tell’ our discoveries, share our inquiry, and our creations.

Info and registration here: https://www.meetup.com/wild-soul-artist/events/282859032/.

Any questions!:)? Join the Meetupgroup and DM me, or email clare@clarehedin.com