Sound Dowsing your 2020 vision

Sound Dowsing your 2020 vision – maximize your potential & happiness.’
(A presentation for virtual West Coast Dowsers Conference 2020)

There is an energy in us waiting to express itself. Whilst it is unseen, it is tellingly impactful and so alive in each of us! Our relationship to this energy influences what we are experiencing, who we are becoming, and what we are creating – it is creative. Forming a conscious relationship with it gives us access to our inspiration, our creativity, our vitality & our deepest joy. Make 2020 count by falling in love with your vitality using your own sounds to dowse for your truth and deepen your divine connection to self.

Dowse for truth… change your reality

How can the journey of one note allow you to enter the center of the galaxy and the center of yourself at the same time? 

Come and travel with sound into the heart of life and change what is happening in real-time as you do so. 

Please enjoy this presentation for those interested in how you can use sound to support yourselves with self-care and also how to perhaps experience a conflict, difficult decision, or issue, differently, I gave this presentation called Sound Dowsing. You can practice some simple vocal exercises to subtly shift your mood, and your whole frame of reference!


BIO:  Clare Hedin is an energy, sound and consciousness healer. As an artist, singer & songwriter, sound healer and an academic, Clare performs internationally & teaches Creativity, Innovation & Healing to people of all ages. She taught at SFSU for 10years, co-founded Sound Healing Institute in San Francisco, and has taken healing music to Children’s Hospitals. Having created Dynamic Emergence – a model of Consciousness for today’s creative souls – she combines her skills internationally to help humans become more enlightened, more capable, more creative, and happier.