Grief and Praise


Music for trauma healing and reintegration. Feel your soul experience its full beauty. Come to terms with your own belonging to nature, to the elements, and to the unknown.

This album is for you and your loved ones. It is available as a download only. Experience a live sound healing from me in comfort, at home. There is also a bonus track at the end which guides you to use simple toning for self-care and to change your state of being. This purchase includes a third downloadable e-page (included in the download) of a rendition of the beautiful art-poem that is shared live on the album.


Grief and Praise is a live recording of a sound healing given in a private studio with a particular intention.

‘Oh, so beautiful, penetrating and moving with such healing and more – I love your new album, Grief and Praise.’  Anita Sanchez Ph.D., Author The Four Sacred Gifts.

‘Thank you for this offering. It reaches to every cell of the body and helps turn on those emotional switches to release the emotions of sadness lingering long over time and embrace the newness of healing and joy.’  Kahontakwas Diane Longboat, M.Ed., Six Nations Grand River Territory.

This music offers love, support, and healing to people around the world suffering from, or recovering from, trauma; whether induced by war, climate crisis impact and concerns, or a more personal recovery, including death, illness, and loss of loved ones.  You also don’t need to be in any kind of trauma to enjoy taking an ambient sound journey of your own with it – it is simply nourishing. It is a tender celebration of life.

The whole album involves three Journeys that flow in one continual experience; voice and shruti, light percussion, spoken word, and sometimes silence. Please enjoy this experience and let it bring you closer to yourself, closer to your wholeness, closer to your own true nature, your own liberation, and ultimately your genuine deeply felt healing.

I wish you peace and love.

Thank you for listening,




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