Glass Treehouses (download)

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These songs are related to the intimacy of the journey of life. Simple, sweet sounds, delving into the realms of faeries, homesickness, magical moments of transformation and cosmic coincidence.

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Glass Treehouses has a beauty and simplicity all its own. Solo pieces of Clare’s bright – yet haunting – voice, she accompanies herself on guitar and piano. There are reflections on some of life’s journeys, there is the magic of the woods in which she finds elves, fairies and nymphs, humorous yarns, tall stories and telephones that never ring, no matter how long you sit by them!

These popular songs have been performed at both public venues and in Hospitals. Glass Treehouses is a favorite at the Oakland Children’s Hospital, CA, although originally was only ever performed in bars and concerts in public. Somehow there is a magic that resides in us and recognizes itself as the songs pass through our travels of homesickness, love and getting to know ourselves.

These songs are related to the intimacy of the journey of life. Quirky, touching, simple and direct – they will keep you listening and quietly contemplating your life in a way you might not have before… all carried into your heart by her voice and her sweet intention.

Album Run Times

1. Scratching At the Surface of Time – 4:35
2. Sweetwater – 3:52
3. Nothing Stays the Same – 6:04
4. When You’re Tired and You’re Weary – 5:18
5. I Like Wine – 2:52
6. Wood Nymphs, Elves and Fairies – 2:06
7. Telephone – 2:56
8. Footsteps – 4:58
9. Listen To Me – 4:41
10. Walking Down the Road Again – 3:31
11. I Am Spinning – 5:11

Vocals, Piano & Guitar: Clare Hedin
Produced & Recorded at Sound Music Studios, Oakland, CA, USA
© 2001 Clare Hedin. Reprint 2011. All rights reserved.


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