Folk Fayre Parts 1 & 2 (download)

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Simple songs of Voice and Guitar – a lone woman's voice traveling through the landscapes of love, betrayal, war, endings, vampires, beautiful shingle beaches and sons who kill their mother's boyfriends! A pleasure, this double CD, speaks to raw simplicity.

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This double CD has beautiful graphics, beautiful voice and beautiful guitar. Clare Hedin’s voice is exemplary in its ability to pierce the heart and curl your toes and her guitar is deceptively simple yet works its magic undisturbed as we are drawn into the stories and lore of Clare’s life growing up… perhaps she is actually singing of your life too… stranger things have happened…

It can best be described by the following poem by the artist…

“If Death simply passes us over, then what of it?
If Fear grips our hearts in the middle of the night… then who to call to?
But love, when love lights the candles of our hearts, then we truly know we are alive
And fear and death become but ghosts in the wind… and the wind is never still.” copyright 2011.

Simple yet poignant, this piece of history tracks so many of the human experiences – places that capture our hearts and never quite give it back again, songs of sadness about living in other people’s shadows, betrayal in love and triumph over betrayal, talking with Shame – our shadowy friend, and fantastical stories about imaginary people; a boy who has killed his mother’s boyfriend by accident… what will he do? It ends on the up note of ‘This Life’, because this life, it’s a funny thing… it throws a curve ball and then it makes you sing!

CD 1

1. You Walked Into the Room – 2:56
2. Stolen Moments – 2:30
3. I’m Living in Your Shadow – 1:30
4. Waves – 5:51
5. I Often Wonder – 2:47
6. Don’t You Know – 2:52
7. Here We Are – 2:14
8. Hey Shame – 2:44
9. Corridors of My Mind – 3:39
10. What’s This Fighting All About? – 2:36
11. Though I Love the Way You Linger – 1:39
12. What Is Going On? – 4:08

CD 2

13. Too Many Broken Houses – 6:03
14. Death Is a Moment – 3:38
15. Hidden Pain – 2:28
16. The Dark Side – 3:42
17. Mamma’s Gonna Kill Ya – 2:10
18. Vampire – 3:45
19. She’s Only 13 – 4:17
20. Trapped – 2:04
21. There Is an Ache – 2:46
22. This Life – 2:29


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