Africa Returns (download)

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A multi-layered vocal meditation with gentle percussion. A journey into the truth of wisdom and hope. There is something being called forth from us, for us. Take a moment to honour your dreaming – yes, all is possible. This CD is an invitation home.

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Clare Hedin’s most recent multi-layered vocal meditation with gentle percussion… an invitation home.

Relax. Regenerate. Re-ignite. A must-buy if you want a unique entry point to your soul’s depth, to it’s heart… to your own.

“Africa. A land large and generous; a land full of stories that can stir each of our souls. There is something being called forth from us, for us. Let us be connected to our stories, as they reflect our greater communities and the strong heartbeat of life. Something is stirring in us… can you hear it?” Clare Hedin

1. Africa’s River
Run Time 30:20

A journey of movement into the truth of optimism and hope. There is something stirring deep in the collective consciousness of life and it is emerging as a river of strength, hope and affirmation. Yes there is life, and yes, it’s speaking
to us through song, dance and dreams… through our communities. This is an invitation to go deep within yourself and emerge as part of this rich tapestry of life, part of the whole… time to come home.

2. Elephant Dreams
Run Time 30:22

Take a moment to honor your dreaming. Yes, all is possible. Life is beautiful. These graceful stewards show us, as they
roam their African home, what deep community of the heart looks like – loyalty and love. Imagine these larger than life creatures gently loving you as you rest. Surrender to this music massage and allow it to take you on a journey deep into the earth… the home within.

Multi-layered Vocals: Clare Hedin
Produced and recorded at Sound Music Studios, Albany, CA, USA
© 2010 Clare Hedin. Printed 2011. All rights reserved.


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