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Creative, improvised, artistic reflections on the magic of Nature, life's gifts, voice from the past & the voice of earth speaking, even seeing how our own expectations can trip us up! Fun, imaginative, thoughtful and unexpected…art from the heart

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Creative, improvised pieces, both instrumental and vocal… artistic reflections on life.

Imaginings is a creative exploration into deep listening. Fun, imaginative, thoughtful and unexpected… art from the heart songs. At our core, we are creative beings, and there is a magic in that – if we let go of the idea that we know who we are, or who what we think life is, we can come across some extraordinary discoveries… we can loosen the tie between fixed and moving realities.

‘A Walk In Epping Forest’ – a spoken word over piano, piece – is a testament to our ability to be present with the essence of ourselves and Nature – we walk through the captivating forest of our own past, our own favorite places. Imaginings also includes a testament to where we come from in ‘Mother Moment’; an expression of gratitude, the joy of receiving and the acknowledgment of change. In ‘Ghosts Of Ages Past’, Clare was sitting with her bassist, and found herself channeling what felt like an eastern european lady from days gone by…

An experimental album, a creative album, Imaginings is diverse, inspiring and a cool meeting point between folk and pop and somewhere just the other side of what we know.

Album Run Times

1. You Have Another Drink – 2:39
2. All the Changes – 5:02
3. Artist For The Earth – 2:52
4. Do You Love Me? – 4:09
5. Expectations? – 4:48
6. Ghosts of Ages Past – 3:29
7. A Walk In Epping Forest – 3:50
8. Imagination Imagining – 7:08
9. Mother Moment – 15:08
10. Mandala Mandorla – 2:39

Vocals, Piano & Guitar: Clare Hedin
Bass: Chris Keenan, track 6
Produced and recorded by Clare Hedin at Sound Music Studios, Oakland, CA, USA.


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