Moonmist (download)

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A multi-layered vocal meditation CD to take you within. Let these two tracks lift you up, carry and hold you as you journey into your ecstatic energizing realms and then relax you, as you enter the crystal cave of your own inner sanctum. Time for YOU…

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The two pieces, Journey and Arrival are absolutely unique; both stimulating and relaxing.

Run Time 30:38

Allow this meditation to truly take you on a journey inward into your own energizing ecstatic realms. In this half-hour piece, purely vocal in nature, you can go somewhere new, somewhere bright. It is gently movement oriented in nature, inner or outer.

Use either for your own meditative renewal and upliftment or for wonderful musical support in any therapeutic bodywork, workout, dance, creative project or personal refreshment of any kind.

Run Time 30:19

After the journey it is time to relax. Here you enter into your own inner sanctum. You have journeyed. You have arrived. Feel the infinite interior castle of your spiritual being in all its grandeur, in this vocal mix of restfulness and completion.

Use to unwind, relax, reward yourself – it’s time to take time…for YOU. Also good for use in bodywork, energy work, your healing offerings, writing, self-reflection and meditation.

Multi-Layered Vocals: Clare Hedin
Produced and recorded @ Sound Music Studios, Albany, CA, USA
© 2007 Clare Hedin. Reprint 2011. All rights reserved.


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