Sound Dowsing your 2020 vision

Sound Dowsing your 2020 vision – maximize your potential & happiness.’
(A presentation for virtual West Coast Dowsers Conference 2020)

There is an energy in us waiting to express itself. Whilst it is unseen, it is tellingly impactful and so alive in each of us! Our relationship to this energy influences what we are experiencing, who we are becoming, and what we are creating – it is creative. Forming a conscious relationship with it gives us access to our inspiration, our creativity, our vitality & our deepest joy. Make 2020 count by falling in love with your vitality using your own sounds to dowse for your truth and deepen your divine connection to self.

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Waiting for the silence, wading into presence.

“Who do we become in the silence? Where does silence happen? Who else is ‘in there’?
What is silence to sound… and why does that matter?” (aka Musings of a musician)


Sound and Song

These days I recognize it as home, the silence. Does that sound like an unexpected thing to hear from a musician? For many years, singing and songwriting have been my heart-vehicles for facilitating some kind of personal journey into connection and healing.

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Grieve your future, find your hope.

Written for you who see only trouble when you think of Extinction Rebellion.
For those who are Extinction Rebellion.
And for those that, like me, have to take time to grieve.

As a Western consumerist culture, we are often asked to avoid our grief – this seems unfortunate, unhelpful and unhealthy. Today is about being with our grief, fear, and feelings of deep loss.*

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Why Art? What’s it got to do with you? (everything!)

How often do you think about why you are here… why humans are here on the most creative planet imaginable – capable of generating life… and transforming it? It doesn’t get much more meaningful than that, right?! One of the ways humans become ‘expressers’ of that creative energy, help reveal it, is through art. And we have discovered two things: a) That art transforms – literally changes us – and b) That, in turn, we  – through art and creativity – can change life.

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