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Why Art? What’s it got to do with you? (everything!)

How often do you think about why you are here… why humans are here on the most creative planet imaginable – capable of generating life… and transforming it? It doesn’t get much more meaningful than that, right?! One of the ways humans become ‘expressers’ of that creative energy, help reveal it, is through art. And we have discovered two things: a) That art transforms – literally changes us – and b) That, in turn, we  – through art and creativity – can change life. [Read more…] about Why Art? What’s it got to do with you? (everything!)

Mandala Mandorla – serendipity as a sign.

One day I was taking a walk, a walk I do often, along the water’s edge between Richmond, CA, and El Cerrito. It’s a beautiful walk.

As I continued on my way, I happened to reach some stairs that led down to a tiny beach. I noticed a man walking up the stairs. He seemed kind, and happy… quite at peace. We nodded to one another, and I carried on my way. Not many paces later, something told me to stop and look back at the water. I saw him doing the same.

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What do Artists do for society?

Recently I gave a talk at Foundation for Mind-Being Research. It was called ‘Consciousness, from an Artist’s Perspective’. It feels important to share with you the aspect where I really dial in to what Artists actually do for our collective consciousness. Further down the article you will see the particular slides that relate to this subject. I start by sharing my own background and influences. I grew up in a family of engineers, sports, lots of reading, my dog William (!), TV (like so many others), healthy family meals, school and, perhaps most importantly, the influence of hours spent roaming in Epping Forest, Essex (‘Epping Forest’ song included below), and contemplating on the stony beach of Aldeburgh, Suffolk: Two landscapes, portals from the known to the unknown, that shaped my soul in the most precious of ways.

Please find below a slideshow highlighting the Artist’s perspective, with some individually commented on, below:

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What will you get from a sound healing? Why come?

What is a sound healing?

A sound healing can take many forms: acoustic and synthesized i.e. a person can sing, or play bowls or other instruments live, and you will probably be lying down, receiving a slightly ‘blissed out’ state.  You may have someone working on your body with tuning forks, striking them as they hold them to different parts of your body. If it is a more synthesized form, you might lie on a massage bed (fully clothed) that has giant speakers attached to its underside or use headphones to listen to recorded music.  [Read more…] about What will you get from a sound healing? Why come?

The Missing Shruti

I’m going to have to tell this story from two different points of view, since I am but a Shruti (as beautiful as I am) and need a little help getting my story across to you humans…

But first, here is the video of Clare actually telling our story at Story Night, in San Francisco.

SHRUTI (my story)
I have two nationalities – I grew up in Germany where I lived in a beautiful woodworking shop, surrounded by my kin; dark and light brown wooden and paper shrutis, just like myself. I could hear the symphonies of Brahms, Bach and Beethoven floating into the room from the street and children talking excitedly as they skipped down the street, holding the hands of their parents. There must have been dozens of us in this woodshop and Klaus was a dedicated woodworker. [Read more…] about The Missing Shruti