Drowning in life, learning to swim.

tim and clare pics-page-001I would say for the last 6+ months I have been steadily driving faster and faster towards a brick wall with my own exhausting and complex lifestyle (which, ironically, does involve a lot of driving). I had been ignoring the building stress which was becoming increasingly painful. So life finally found the emergency brake for me.

Recently I visited a friend in Stinson Beach, CA. The day was beautiful and warranted a swim after a long drive. I went out into the ocean with a certain, definite, stride. It was, at first, a playful enjoyment. I felt confident and strangely defiant. I knew my strengths as a swimmer. [Read more…] about Drowning in life, learning to swim.

Why Death Matters

I was sitting here, on my big green couch, in LA, watching the NBC coverage of the Olympics. It was Saturday night and we seemed to have taken an unexpected turn into the story of World War II – not sure why and, surprisingly, it has prompted this entire blog.

For me, after years of growing up in England, watching BBC documentaries on WWII, something finally sank in that night, when NBC spelled out that the Germans bombed London every single night for 73 consecutive days (the Blitz). Really imagine that! Suddenly it was easy to picture being there, having to run deep underground into the bowels of London’s underground system – the subways – every night to sleep with 1000’s of other strangers-becoming-friends, and being dazed every morning as you’d come back into the light of day from the train tunnels only to see nothing as you remembered it from the day before. Rubble, rising dust clouds, eery quiet, silent bodies, missing buildings, unfamiliar sounds of recovery, loss and surprise. Death had come to visit. And it got me thinking… death matters; but why?

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Why Shouldn’t We Blow Up Mountains??

Dear Fellow Beings,

If I live in California, why should I care if someone blows up a mountain in New York, just to mine it? It shouldn’t bother me, right?

I was watching a tv show, many moons ago, and wondered how the person being interviewed was going to answer this very question. The show was focused on following the day of a land caretaker. She was in some part of North America, watching over a watershed and once a week she would be flown over hundreds of acres of mountainous land to check on its state of health. She had been doing it for years. And so here, in this intimate moment on her front porch, the interviewer asked the big question… “why should I care?”

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