Minus the scream


‘Could you do that set – it’s wonderful… minus the scream?’

intensity is scary, we need pretty

‘I’m very busy… why have you called me?’

I’m uncomfortable, I need to leave now

‘No, you are not a member’

yes we have rules, but they restrict me too

Awkward moments marking soul time…

How many times have we heard the words

that speak to our minuses, that seek to be heard?

How many times have the doors been shut

just when our fingers curled round the doorknob?

How many times have you rushed to a meeting,

excited, only to leave it defeated?

How many times have you thought you belong,

only to find you were subtly wrong?

How many times have you wished it were different,

that somehow your presence could shift an indifference?

How many times have you spoken your truth,

into silence, as everyone’s leaving the room?

How many times have you sought to rewind,

so you could play it again, this time shining your light?

What would it take to be fierce, true, and free,

to say who you are without apology?

I am a warrior, ’tis true, it is plain,

but I still have thin skin, so please,

just whisper my name.