Even the flowers

There is a beauty that I find in myself

when I am sometimes hurting

… as my attention seeks solace

… as my joy seeks companionship.

I stare at atoms… and see light

I imagine horrors…

and feel the grief of connection

I am reminded that connection is beauty

beauty and connection make me one with you…

there is no separation, just beauty.


Even the flowers bow to the light.


So how do I hold the grief of others

that I cannot touch with urgent fingers?

How do I let them know that I love them too?

What is it, in us, that fights to be free

yet enslaves others in the process?

Why do we imagine by being small enough to inflict pain

that we can become big enough to rule the world?

Why would we want to?


Even the flowers bow to the light.


My sight holds you

my heart enfolds and carries you gently

I sob fierce rivers as my life recognizes yours.

I apologize on behalf of the smallness

that seeks to diminish the bigness

of our cosmologically connected worlds

We can do better

we can do    so    much    better


we simply cannot shine without your light…


… even the flowers bow.

Clare Hedin Jan 5 2017