Minus the scream


‘Could you do that set – it’s wonderful… minus the scream?’

intensity is scary, we need pretty

‘I’m very busy… why have you called me?’

I’m uncomfortable, I need to leave now

‘No, you are not a member’

yes we have rules, but they restrict me too

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Even the flowers

There is a beauty that I find in myself

when I am sometimes hurting

… as my attention seeks solace

… as my joy seeks companionship.

I stare at atoms… and see light

I imagine horrors…

and feel the grief of connection

I am reminded that connection is beauty

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Beautifully broken

I am beautifully flawed, beautifully broken, beautifully real

I am beautifully flawed, perfectly imperfect,

Beautifully imperfect

Beautifully human,

Beautifully real,

Beautifully needy

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