Dowsing For Enlightenment!

Here is the recording of the talk I gave on Dowsing for Enlightenment (details below).

And I have a REQUEST: please scroll down to bottom of page and leave your comments/feedback below on your experience of the sounds/singing that I shared live that day, and/or the talk itself – I’d love to include your feedback on my site. Thank you! And have a beautiful day! … Clare

(remember, scroll down for comments box or click on ‘leave a comment’ above!… A good question to ask yourself if wondering what to write “what did I experience when Clare sang? What did I learn, or revisit, when I listened to Clare talk?”) 

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Debate or Debacle??

As we wind ever closer to the US elections – the choices do not seem promising in either direction. And that seems to be the problem; there are only two directions and neither of them are speaking about what I feel matters… acknowledging the sentience of Earth and Nature! And why does that matter, you might ask?

Because without that basic knowledge, decisions are rotating around principles of money and resources, not context or meaning, not on celebrating and supporting basic needs like health, somewhere to live and freedom of speech. So I wonder ‘how would we manage without human-friendly air, water, food or protection from the more aggressive sun rays?

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Why Shouldn’t We Blow Up Mountains??

Dear Fellow Beings,

If I live in California, why should I care if someone blows up a mountain in New York, just to mine it? It shouldn’t bother me, right?

I was watching a tv show, many moons ago, and wondered how the person being interviewed was going to answer this very question. The show was focused on following the day of a land caretaker. She was in some part of North America, watching over a watershed and once a week she would be flown over hundreds of acres of mountainous land to check on its state of health. She had been doing it for years. And so here, in this intimate moment on her front porch, the interviewer asked the big question… “why should I care?”

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