My Personal Story

I have lived a somewhat unusual and, perhaps, quirky life. Born in England, and being something of a nomad I started seeking early. I flew the coup a few times, finally stumbling across San Francisco, a wandering soul in search of a landscape I could call home.

Clare Hedin
Clare Hedin

Spending my early years shy and introspective, I always felt close to Nature and Contemplating – two fundamental relationships that live in me today. Whilst my introduction to creativity was typically english; I learned classical piano and choral singing, and found them a little ‘rigid’… it was to be years before they became really known to me in a more personal way. It was through engaging with other art-forms and exploring the nature of my own Consciousness that it all began to make sense and I began to feel more comfortable identifying as an artist.

When I was 14, my mother died unexpectedly and I became drawn to better know the unknown, in search of a new compass. In my early 20’s, feeling a lot of self doubt, it was with a big leap that I decided to follow my growing faith in life, and emigrated to San Francisco, where I could ask questions and explore. I had no plan, just a strong feeling ‘this is right‘. I should add, that decision took close to two years because I was sure I was meant to have a plan before I could trust my intuition! Eventually the persistence of the calling persuaded me otherwise. And it was after this move to the Bay Area that my creative side – and my thinker/healer/teacher side – really came through.  ‘Taking the leap’ became the focus of my education and exploring numinous space the focus of my creative exploration.

Once in San Francisco, I started my own, one-person, faux finishing business, Interior Magic, and it wasn’t long before I was doing a BA in Fine Art (AAU, SF). I discovered that being creative makes me happy! This eventually took me to California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS, SF) where my focus expanded to the transformative nature of group learning. I completed this study with an emphasis in music, arts and creativity. Finally I did a Masters degree in Consciousness Studies at JFK University, Pleasant Hill, CA – emphasis Music, Healing and Consciousness.

Clare at Grace Cathedral Yoga on Labyrinth
Yoga at Grace Cathedral – grab your mat!

All the time, I kept wanting to know more about the energy of communication and connection, the nature of happiness and sorrow, our spiritual evolution and the seemingly mystical qualities of music and life.  Life seemed to talk, and I wanted to understand how it worked, and what it was saying. I had a feeling that learning to understand this dynamic was a key to changing our future, our destiny. The study of this dynamic conversation developed into my own emerging theory Dynamic Emergence: Consciousness in the Creative Collective

I am now considering a PhD to further deepen my understanding of Dynamic Emergence, through artistic collaboration, with a focus on environmental intelligence.

I explore reality through the creative process and enjoy sharing what I create; in the form of MusicNature images, Blogs, Teachings, Workshops, Concerts and Sound Art Meditations… In any and all of my work, I am expressing this dynamic exploration, trying to understand what we are doing here.  As an artist I live through curiosity, always watching to see what is wanting to emerge, and inquiring into how to respond. My emotions and imaginings are very personal portals to these explorations, the results very personal portraits. In this way I have created CDs, art, paintings, photography and poetry. I have also studied healing & energy work, which feeds into everything I do. And, of course, I am grateful for the many, many conversations with folk I have had, along the way. Bless them for their time and their kindness.

Clare Hedin
Capturing Sounds on the Beach!

I have grown to understand that I am part of something mysterious, magical, pragmatic and very much alivean actual living system, a community of life and, I confess, I believe this is true for all of us. In my heart I feel that as a living community we all are needed, in our highest awareness, to support the planet, and humanity’s, much needed shift in direction. Sentient life beckons and we are all equal and important parts of it – collective expressions of dynamic relationships that give us the opportunity to show up with the gift of our uniqueness, our authenticity, and our passion.

Nature is still my primary teacher, as are life’s eddies and currents, and my responses to those currents. Learning how to listen deeply altered my life, bringing me back to my own core after years of feeling lost. Creativity helped me discover my inner compass and develop my critical thinking. I believe these tools are invaluable for a well-lived life. For that reason I am advocate for keeping creativity well funded in schools – it is a healthy and sane way of living. Creativity is both our hope for the future… and for an easier ‘now’.

Clare Hedin in the forest
Tree Council!

When we care about life, we have a chance to become awakened and to contribute in vital and real ways. We can all inspire and contribute. I would love to know you, somehow, on this journey. I believe how we approach ourselves, and each other, matters. It is my hope that my work helps both.

Finally, I would say there is an energy in us waiting to be noticed, and when it is, it brings us fully alive… from that place separation melts into belonging. I’ve been paying attention – I can’t help it, it’s in my nature! And, it is this kind of attention that I bring to both my music, my work, and to you.

I look forward to connecting with you.  And I welcome your company on this extraordinary journey.

Thank you for visiting the site,