What is Dynamic Emergence?

Dynamic Emergence explores OUR creative process of 'becoming'

Guess what! We can learn how to understand the processes that we experience moment to moment, day by day, as we interact with each other’s energy so we can “un-stick” ourselves from anything that inhibits us.

Nothing is fixed in reality and all is open to influence and suggestion by ourselves and our shared environment. The reason this matters is that energy waits to be noticed and if we are the ones noticing it, this is the beginning of the process of transformation of ourselves, our ideas, and collective consciousness – bringing us to a higher level of compassion and creativity.

The information you will learn in this training will allow you to;

  • Host creative meetings with confidence.
  • Develop your own insights into how your own energy feels and when other people’s energy has gotten ‘stuck’ in your field.
  • Discover how your thinking/feeling changes in certain environments and how to adjust your field so you can ‘come back to center’ and see things clearly.
  • Make decisions that positively influence you.
  • Alter and adjust life path choices to suit who you really are and support the ‘you’ that is emerging.
  • Give others clear and compassionate feedback on what you are hearing and seeing (without confrontation).
  • Feel the excitement of knowing you are on a path you really like.
  • Understand yourself as an artist of life.
  • Deepen your creative identity.
  • Master the choices you are making for your greater joy and purpose.
  • Learn to ‘play’ with the Universe!

Study  yourself as a beautiful, intelligent, creative, living system!

In this process, using excerpts from the already-available Course: Dynamic Emergence: Consciousness in the Creative Collective, we will review the phenomena of DE both as a global subject and an individual process.  You are a creative collective! 

The Book

Clare is currently writing Dynamic Emergence: Consciousness and the Creative Collective. This book explores the relationship between being, alchemy, imagination, creativity and positive living in an interactive universe.

Dynamic Emergence Live

Watch one of Clare’s early talks about Dynamic Emergence at Sunrise Off Grid Festival – “Big Ideas”