Sacred Water (download)

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This music is the music of Nature; the Voices of Water, Wind, Shingles, Trees, Earth, Stone… and my own. I hope you hear it well, both in your ears and in your heart. A set of recordings at Sacred Sites & Voice in UK and California.

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Run Time 78:04

The Poetry is in the Music…

Sacred Water is one long journeying piece of eloquent Music and Voices both in, and of, Nature (1hr and 18 mins). It is a testament to recordings done at sacred sites. For the last two years I have traveled and sung through England and California, resting at Sacred Sites, drawn to that which lies within.

I experience kinship here on the various lands that our ancestors walked and heard. There are many rich stories buried deeply in these elements, and much love and beauty lends itself for us to walk with, and dream with, every day.

I share this album with you in the spirit of the miraculous, the tentative and the profound. Listen to it with focus, with your dreaming ears and your resting heart. May all blessings be with you, Clare

Recording Locations:-

Somerset: Glastonbury’s ancient Abbey Gardens, majestic Tor and sacred White Springs. Shapwick Heath’s long, otter-filled, peaty waterbanks; Wells Cathedral’s Chapter House echoes. Wiltshire: West Kennet Long Barrow’s ritual stone caverns. Suffolk: Thropeness Cliff’s raw wind; Aldeburgh’s strong, stoney beaches and enduring Noth Sea; Rougham, Lawney’s aged and wizened trees. California: Oakland’s bubbling Sausal Creek, nestled in the arc of its bowing trees… you drew my ears and heart. Thank you all. I honour each and every one of you.


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