Music, Healing & Consciousness

If you knew you were a creative opportunity and the world
depended on your truth, your vitality and your presence for it’s well being…
how might you move through the world differently, knowing that?

our conscious planet, your conscious voice

Take advantage of Performing, Presenting, Coaching & Consulting to capitalize on your unique relationship to Creativity and Consciousness. As you engage to meet your professional and personal needs, develop your creativity and power, begin to find your own unique magic and complete projects that have both meaning and impact.

DSC05749 12-17-18rsz“Music and Sound are my way of exploring relationship to the elemental, the immanent and the divine. An intimate journey within, I meet aspects of myself in the Creative Collective. It’s a unique communion with Nature. Through natural inquiry I open my heart, salve my soul and dissolve my mind. How do you work with your own particular calling? Come and find out.”

As an artist, I am always creating. I play music at events focused on environment, relationship, community, consciousness and our shifting paradigms. My music is particularly written and performed for the sensibilities of human change and planetary evolution with a focus on bringing alive in us that which can listen, hear and shift for the overall good of life itself. Open the heart, and you open the mind.

Enjoy the site and contact me to see how you and I can work together.

What’s next depends on us. And Earth is holding her breath.

Let’s collaborate and evolve!