Michel Van Amsterdam, Founder; The Dialogue Summit

In a still highly fragmented and divided world, it is a great blessing to work with people like Clare Hedin. We had the honor to work with her during the Dialogue Summit 2020 and we were deeply moved and inspired by the way Clare brought in the healing while re-connecting sounds of her chant and … Read more

Charlott, Denmark. Earth Sculptures.

During this last week I have felt the excitement from your Dynamic Emergence Introduction. Being aware that what you are opening a new door up for all of us, I already sense the effect of having stepped through a new portal into an unknown landscape. I see the Dynamic Emerging ‘ landscape’  is full of … Read more

Paula Montondo

Clare Hedin is an amazing talent and powerful communicator and teacher. It is an honor to know and work with her!

Steve Charrier

I recently benefitted from Clare’s coaching as I started up a key new phase of my work, bringing my Tarot Alchemical Cafes to life. I had not taught or facilitated for almost 10 years, and “bringing forward the mysteries” in a compelling way was my key objective. Clare’s help was incisive and comprehensive. She helped … Read more

Michael Mitchell

Clare Hedin has become my favorite person to explore ideas with. She is currently helping me with focused brainstorming around my startup game company which has been incredibly helpful. True to her name, Clare is blessed with a keen ability to quickly see, feel and understand complex situations and novel idea spaces with surprising clarity … Read more