Steve Charrier

I recently benefitted from Clare’s coaching as I started up a key new phase of my work, bringing my Tarot Alchemical Cafes to life. I had not taught or facilitated for almost 10 years, and “bringing forward the mysteries” in a compelling way was my key objective. Clare’s help was incisive and comprehensive. She helped me think through the process creatively, and coached me in real time as it was unfolding. She is first an excellent mirror of my process, but more, adds her own deep knowledge of the creative process in a way that I could expand quickly what I was doing and the impact it was having. She helped me with content, with facilitation tips and techniques, with subtle pieces like “holding the space” for the mysteries to emerge from. She has a no-nonsense but compassionate style that I resonated with and brings her sensibilities as an artist to the coaching, which I loved. If you want a unique and creative coach, I would seriously consider Clare.