Enhancing your Practice with Sound Healing

Sound is alive; it restores us, expresses us, knows us, and heals us… it sirens our homecoming

Whether you are a therapist – somatic, expressive, gestalt, jungian, transpersonal, etc. , a practitioner – energy healer, reiki, rolfer, massage, chiropractic, medical doctor (allopathic, naturopathic, ayurvedic, homeopathic, crystal, shamanic, etc.), or receiving any kind of ongoing healing work, Clare and Suellen provide an additional modality to open up the doorways to healing: music and sound healing

Working together, they uniquely assist and aide people who need to find new, gentle, ways to unlock old doors. Our work is sensitive, deliberate, space holding, healing and esoteric – it helps us reach the places where sometimes our minds or habits can prevent us from being willing, or able, to go.

Please contact us to discuss, and arrange, a session – we would be incorporated into a workshop you are setting up – where we can come in and hold space with, and for, you with the unique healing gift that music offers. The space that we create is genuine. We look forward to working with you.

Therapists & Practitioners contact Clare

Clare and Suellen are both professional sound healers, with years of experience as practitioners and educators, of both music and healing, in USA and abroad.




Clare Hedin works with directly people and their energy, and has developed her practice of using sound as a form of healing from the perspective of a healer and a facilitator for decades. She is a certified healer (Reiki I, II, III), Emotional Body Balancing, Light Body, and intuitive energy worker. Her background as a musician and multi-disciplinary artist, along with her personal, and formal, research (MA, Consciousness Studies) and training laid the groundwork for her private services as a sound healer and intuitive healer, a guide, and a sensitive. It also helped her forge the new path as a resident sound healer at Oakland Children’s Hospital for almost five years, working distinctly alongside their staff sound therapist. She works with the energies of a room, of the people and of intimacy. She co-founded the Sound Healing program – designing and teaching and its core classes  – at the Sound Healing Institute, SF. She has worked on innovative collaborative healing projects (Heart First, cancer art therapy) and was also chosen to be one of the healers included in The Sacred Science’s Energy Healing Movie Project.

‘Music can bring us back to a place of wholeness, resonance, and feelings. It has the power to open emotional doors and can open its arms to us when we need a sanctuary. It is familiar and yet distinct. It knows what to do. When I’m working with music as a healing practice, I am listening with my whole being to find the places that are calling for help, and attention – it is beyond cognitive. Sometimes the sounds are edgy and penetrating, sometimes soft and ‘fanned out’. There is a conviction in the sounds that I make that meet people – different people, in the same room at the same time, in different ways… exactly the ways that they each need. It is stunning to witness and humbling to participate in. I care about people and I relate to the concept of wholeness as both a destination and an immanent state, affected by our position in that moment i.e. are we are standing by our own side, or did we somehow separate from our core identity? I love that music, without any words, can be the invitation and the pathway for that sensitive reunion.’

Suellen Primost: A seasoned cellist, sound healer, performance artist, multimedia arts consultant and storyteller, Suellen brings a wide repertoire of skills and rich experiences spanning over 4 decades to her Sound Healing work. She has served as a creativity coach and mentor to aspiring artists, actors, dancers, people of all ages and diverse backgrounds who yearn to follow their bliss. She has staged Theatre of the Feminine Workshops exploring therapeutic avenues for authentic self expression and personal growth and worked with patients at John Muir and Kaiser Hospitals. She has also played for breathwork classes, at Science and Non-Duality Conferences, and collaborated with sound healers Jeremy Marais of The Murmurations Duo, Laura Insera, facilitator for Samavesha’s Inner Sound Journeys at The Rose Labyrinth, with Clare Hedin offering Sound Journeys for Yoga at Grace Cathedral, and with the acclaimed sound healing ensemble, Sonic Shamanic.

‘Healing happens when we return home. Sound Healing allows others to make a personal journey toward wholeness, clarity, harmony, and peace. Sound Healing is about honoring silence, working energetically, sensitively and collaboratively with others. Sound, vibration, music offer bridges back home, back to Source, providing pathways to reconnect one to their soul’s essential tuning. Sound Healing helps people integrate the scattered parts, embrace pain, heal old wounds, forgive, unlock creativity, express love, tap into Great Wisdom, and celebrate their divine nature.’