Michel Van Amsterdam, Founder; The Dialogue Summit

In a still highly fragmented and divided world, it is a great blessing to work with people like Clare Hedin. We had the honor to work with her during the Dialogue Summit 2020 and we were deeply moved and inspired by the way Clare brought in the healing while re-connecting sounds of her chant and … Read more

Ben Roberts, Group Process Artist & Systemic Change Agent

I have had the privilege of working with Clare Hedin since early 2019, and continue to be blown away by the power and beauty of her work.  The unique way in which she brings together sound, music, and processes for healing and connecting deeply has helped me to embrace my own identity as a group … Read more

Cecil, @Findhorn workshop

For the healing sounds from Clare was very powerful, I was the sound and went very deep inside, were there any more, inside and outside, deeper as the centre of the earth, deeper as the space between the galaxies. The first healing sound from Clare was so strong, a breakthough, and that’s the most important … Read more

Almut, @Findhorn workshop

Hej Namasteeeee DEAREST CLARE, THANK YOU SOOOOO SUPER MUCH!! May I ask You for the address of the Shruti VOICE of GOD maker, please? When You come back I would LOVE us each taking turns to sing healing for the whole group. I much prefer singing and living with intention creating Peace of purpose. May … Read more

Tohm Lev, San Francisco

At Grace Cathedral was out of this world and touched my heart very deeply. I felt my body moving with waves of energy created by your drums and your voice.  I could feel the exact frequencies changing and it was beautiful. Your voice is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your voice and your … Read more