Rachel Bailey, Filmmaker/Producer

We just had Clare join our team for a session. It was great! Her calm questioning alongside her warmth and enthusiasm gave us a solid foundation to work from. She helped us slow down, listen to each other, explore more deeply, and tease out shared ideas and vision for the project. I would recommend her … Read more

Kelley Kohlberg MA

I talked to Clare regarding relational advice, and she hit the issues right on the nose compassionately and at a soul level, at a place where I was initially reluctant to see! You’re an ANGEL Clare! Yes… Yes… Yes, that’s right…. I’m very grateful for the kind, honest and deep insights that Clare had to … Read more

Cassie Ann Ross

I came to Clare feeling pulled in many, many directions – all of which felt important. She always manages to help me pull the right answer out of the hat when I feel lost and doubtful about my choices. I arrive full of questions and leave full of answers. As a Playwrite, Actor and Producer/Director … Read more

Nat Fee

You seem to have a natural ability to penetrate the surface of my struggles and make me dive deeper. Your questions inspire me to see things in a different light, whilst your presence and highly-attuned listening skills create a field of safety and acceptance that allows the shadows to not only be seen, but to … Read more

Sarah Spector

Clare comes by her name honestly. She drew out the wealth and the truth of me at once. It felt that she was seeing deep into my essence, and the significance of my gifts, even before I was able to see their value. She drew them out into the light – which eloquently, kindly and … Read more